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Quick flash fiction for #TuesFlashFicTrain

Here is a quick entry I worked up for the #TuesFlashFicTrain at Trial and Tribulations of Writing blog. She has a weekly fiction contest where you add to an existing and on-going story. Here is my take on where it could go. Enjoy.

Rita hated public transportation. She hated the way she slid, ever so slightly on the cracked plastic seats as the bus took a slow wide turn. She grabbed the cold metal bar which served as an arm rest to steady herself. A thick film of other people’s grime covered the bar. Her slender fingers could feel the dirt of a thousand hands that touched the same place
Instantly repulsed she withdrew her hand. The revulsion on her face was too evident as she stared at her open palm. She could not, and refused to hide her dismay. Still staring at her hand she touched her fingertips together, watching as they momentarily stuck together. Continue reading

The Goblet of Lost Chicago

Here is a little piece of fiction I wrote for author Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge.

Word Count: 1728        I hope you enjoy!

The Goblet of Lost Chicago

No orange glow flickered across the aged brick walls of the alley. No cracked fingers protruded from the tattered remnants of worn gloves. Only hoarse coughs and muffled sniffles spoke of life in the allies of Chicago during the winter. The warmth of fires only burned in the barrels of allies from movie sets. In the real world, the police demanded such fire hazards be snuffed out. Too many loose layers covering dirt-caked hands hovered around the fires for the comfort of the law. A fire among the piles of refuse in the alley outweighed the comfort of heat for the lost ones of the Windy City. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Despair

Another quick flash fiction challenge for Write on Wendy. This is a sampling for a story I’m tooling around with. 490 words so I hope someone enjoys it.


“No!” Dalton screamed, while punching the mirror. The reflective glass cracked, a few shards falling into the sink.

“No,” he said again, more a whimper than a rage-filled scream.

His arms, now braced on the sink, began to tremble slightly. Despair swept over him, the trembling increased, and tears began to fall. In the sixteen years of life, he had only wept a few times. Sure, a few tears had fallen, but not like now.

“This can’t be happening to me.”

One of the slivers of mirror in the sink stared back at him, and he saw them again. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Nutmeg Spice is Life

A quick story I whipped up super fast. Was good to just throw some words out there real fast and see where it took me. I already know I have major tense errors in this, but after a long day I wasn’t really up to editing it. I am horrible at keeping tense correct.

This is for Write on Wendy’s weekly challenge. Her requirements this week were to write about something to do with spice. I think I did that. Anyways, enjoy. Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Super Space Ball

My entry for Write on Wendy’s weekly flash challenge is different from the things I normally write. I had fun writing this one. It is simple and light-hearted. The challenge this week was to write a story (500 words or less) that includes something otherworldly in the story while avoiding clichés. Coming in at 496 words I wrote a fun tale about a boy and his ball. I hope someone enjoys and possibly even cracks a smile. Enjoy. Continue reading

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