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Miranda stared at the steak knife she had just driven through her hand. It was the last steak knife she owned. Peering through the strands of her dyed black hair, she watched the handle flick quickly back and forth from the impact. Her brown eyes followed the wooden handle as it began to slow its frantic swaying. She traced the wood grains down to the metal serrated blade. It was not a fancy knife. Part of a hodgepodge set of utensils her mother gave her to help furnish her first apartment.


The Intolerant and Bigoted Views of the Tolerant Diverse Generation

As all two of my readers know, I am a 40-something year old college student. As you two may also know, I am a conservative. Notice I did not say Republican even though I have always voted Republican. Because of this I have a tendency to not quite fit in with the average college student. I don’t mind. No really, I don’t mind not fitting in.

It has never hampered me. I am usually referred to as that angry old-guy. Or that scary old-guy. I don’t mind.  Continue reading

Adult Bookstore

This made me laugh, so I wanted to share. Credit is given to the original creator – Chris Hallbeck.


Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love

By Chad Smith

Your Mommy looked beautiful that humid summer night. Her sheer nightgown was almost translucent in the candle light while she floated around your crib like an angel. The gold crucifix around her neck sparkled when the light would catch it. She gently hummed “Amazing Grace” as she gazed down at you lying there.

Tears are gathering in the corners of my eyes just thinking about her that night. She was gorgeous.

Her long hair was a little more frazzled than usual. Her eyes were bloodshot and wide, but she continued to lovingly stare at you while she danced around your room. Continue reading

I don’t know

I get so confused, frustrated, aggravated, pissed, whatever about the state of the world today. I have succumbed to the notion that the world is beyond my ability to change it. For the longest I decided that if I held out in stalwart defense of the ideas of the old world (the old world as in pre-Y2K) then I could just wait until things began to make sense again.

I don’t see things making sense again.

So where does that leave old fogies like myself?

I don’t know.


Sabbles woz 'ere

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Honest. Satirical. Observations.


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