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I have been missing. Not physically, because apparently I am sitting here typing this right now. Not now as when all three of you are reading this, but now as when I am writing this. Sorry to get all weird there in an opening sentence, but life is a bit jumbled these days.

Between starting a new job, subsequently quitting said job because of finding a better job, assimilating myself into a new work environment that is completely foreign to me, AND preparing for Finals week at school…..life has been busy.

Sadly a result of life being busy is that I have had zero time to blog or even write for my own enjoyment. Summer is headed my way. A job with normal, daytime hours as opposed to three 12-hour days where I went a few week waking up Sunday afternoon and not sleeping until Tuesday afternoon (that was fun and not fun at the same time) means that I will be able to write more. I am excited about having a bit more free time. Multiple stories flowing around in my melon. A work-in-progress novel I would like to see past Chapter 5 where it is patiently resting is on my agenda. I also want to get more involved with flash fiction around the various author blogs.

So, if you are one of the handful of people that take the time to read my ramblings; I miss you too. I will see you soon. I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you.


Pride v Shame

Wow! It has been a busy week. Midterms have prevented me from doing anything remotely fun. Now let’s couple that with life and its daily challenges to my sanity. The end result is me being physically and mentally tired.

I try to remain updated on the fiasco that is called American politics. In fact, politics is my vice. I spend a few hours a day reading and listening to various political views. The degree I am seeking is politically based. I watch a total of 4 different national news channels every morning.

A question my teenage son once posed to me was, “Dad, why do you watch so many different news channels?” My response was long and probably too drawn out to keep a teenager’s attention. It boiled down to, I like to watch all the myriad views and formulate my own educated opinion. Now, he sits quietly on the couch every morning and watches 4 channels of news with me. He doesn’t complain. He has learned that all of them are biased to some degree. Watching his mental growth is a pleasure to me. Continue reading

What society has taught me about me

After more than a few years living on this planet, I have learned many things. I have learned from many sources over the years. Lately, I have been taught by society at large and have learned a few new things about myself. Let’s take a gander of some of the things that society has taught me about me. Continue reading

At a loss

For once, I have been at a loss for words to express my thinking, my feelings, and my opinions.

The polarization of the world is nearly complete and I fear that for once, the good guys might not win. It seems everywhere I turn these days, all I see, read, or hear is anger, controversy, and strife. Every facet of daily life is full of the worst of humanity. The wonderful wide web has brought the entire world within a breath of each other but we have used this technology to spread the worst of our tendencies.

The days of laughing at stupid cat videos has turned to laughing at pranks that cause harm or stress to others. The days of being informed of happenings around the world has turned into angry debates over topics that has an agenda from the start. Continue reading

What is a leader?

What is a Leader?

  • A leader is a person who is instinctively unafraid of the power of the position, yet also acutely aware and equal parts terrified of the corruptible nature of the position.
  • A leader is a person who leads from the front and does not dictate from the rear.
  • A leader will be unafraid to make tough decisions in times of crisis.
  • A leader will recognize the difference between the safety of and the satisfaction of those being led, and will make decisions based on the needs of those in their care.
  • A leader will not shirk from the duties of leadership and will always be accountable for all decisions made.
  • A leader will treat those being led with dignity and respect and will treat everyone as equals.
  • A leader will be ready at all times to take responsibility for the actions of those in their care, as they are a direct result of their leadership.
  • A leader will never assume to know all the answers but will always appear to.
  • A leader will always seek to educate others to become good leaders themselves.

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