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Pride v Shame

Wow! It has been a busy week. Midterms have prevented me from doing anything remotely fun. Now let’s couple that with life and its daily challenges to my sanity. The end result is me being physically and mentally tired.

I try to remain updated on the fiasco that is called American politics. In fact, politics is my vice. I spend a few hours a day reading and listening to various political views. The degree I am seeking is politically based. I watch a total of 4 different national news channels every morning.

A question my teenage son once posed to me was, “Dad, why do you watch so many different news channels?” My response was long and probably too drawn out to keep a teenager’s attention. It boiled down to, I like to watch all the myriad views and formulate my own educated opinion. Now, he sits quietly on the couch every morning and watches 4 channels of news with me. He doesn’t complain. He has learned that all of them are biased to some degree. Watching his mental growth is a pleasure to me. Continue reading

Those !@#$!ing explitives all over the !@#$@#ing place

I was in the Infantry. I learned to jump out of planes, shoot straight, drink lots, and cuss even more. I joined at 18 and the experience was one that influenced the remainder of my life. In ways both good, not so good, and bad.

Every veteran can recite the laundry list of things being a soldier taught you, of how it molded you into a strong human-like person. I get it. I was told “Wow, you changed dude.” The experience of serving is like nothing else.

But let us speak quickly about a certain bad f’n habit that every motherf’n soldier picks up quicker than a !@#$#@#$ can !@#$@! three !@#$@@$%@!!!!

Horrible bathroom manners…….no not that, although that is a growing problem.

No I mean cursing. Continue reading

Writing Existence

Do we validate our existence by the footprints we leave or by the feeling of the earth under our feet? Is our presence proven by seeing others or by the others seeing us?

Are we here to provide for others or to provide for our selves? Such is the nature of writing. Writing is very often a form of therapy for some people. For others, it is a source of emptying our imagination onto the page. Some people have a desire to write for themselves, others have an all-encompassing desire for others to read their works.

Motivation to write is something (I have read and learned myself) that every writer struggles with at times. Motivation is fueled by desire, the source of the desire is left to every individual writer.

Finding the blinding source of your personal desire is often the biggest challenge. I don’t mean the superficial desire. Those desire change through time. Those desires are things like deadlines, 2nd, 3rd, endless draft rewrites, editor revisions, a clamoring public (not for me but maybe one day), rabid fans, etc. Those superficial desires are not the core of why an author began writing in the beginning.

To find motivation, any author must go back to the first time they decided to scribe the workings of their brain onto paper. Those are the true desires. The child-like reason a writer began writing in the first place. Writing is challenging and time-consuming. Many times other aspects of life get pushed to the back burner just to finish what you are working and struggling through. These complications make stay motivated to continue near impossible at times.

During those trying times. Go back to the early days of why you started. It may be so far in the past you have forgotten. If you have, renew those memories and your motivation will easily be recharged and you may continue forth on your individual writing journey.

Kudos to all who never quit.

Waiting to be famous

Everyone at one time or another has dreamed of being famous. People have often wanted their name immortalized in history. In decades past, being famous meant you would have to do something. Invent some gadget or doo-dad that saves lives, increases industrial production, prove why apples fall from trees, walk on the moon, sing a hit song, write a classic book, or some other thing that people in some shape or form want. Sometimes you only needed a great idea, other times you needed real talent. The over reaching theme however, was that you provided something.  Continue reading

Observations from a 40 year old college student

Ok, so today marks my return to college from a brief 2 week break between summer classes and the Fall semester. The campus is once again full of lost kids staring blankly at schedules and maps. I sit high above the chaos as I type this watching them all wander around aimlessly. See the Non Traditional Student lounge (what I refer lovingly to as The Old Man Room) has this spectacular view of the courtyard outside the Union building and the Library. Behind the screen I am using, is a giant glass window that allows me to enjoy the meandering kids below in my 4th floor perch.

Some observations from a so-called adult in this young person’s haven. Continue reading

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