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Beginning on a Tuesday, starting on a Wednesday

Born on a Tuesday  Beginning college on a Tuesday meant that the first day of my MWF classes started on Wednesday. Being the first day of classes, many let out early. Not extremely early, fifteen minutes or so. Well, my first class did indeed end early so I had a few minutes to enjoy a cigarette before class. Continue reading

Smoking Kills

Something struck me today. It was a rock. It didn’t hurt. Then I thought of something that had nothing to do with the rock.

This is 2015 and we are still wasting money telling people not to smoke cigarettes!

Shocking I know. Now mind you, I am a smoker. I smoke the good ones, the one’s that most people call Cowboy Killers. Red and white packaging like the lung and spittle I cough up before bed. No, I was wrong, that junk looks more like an el grandé super caramel latté with a barista swirl. Except thick and chunky. And it stays warm longer.

Hungry yet? Continue reading

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Honest. Satirical. Observations.

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