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Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love

By Chad Smith

Your Mommy looked beautiful that humid summer night. Her sheer nightgown was almost translucent in the candle light while she floated around your crib like an angel. The gold crucifix around her neck sparkled when the light would catch it. She gently hummed “Amazing Grace” as she gazed down at you lying there.

Tears are gathering in the corners of my eyes just thinking about her that night. She was gorgeous.

Her long hair was a little more frazzled than usual. Her eyes were bloodshot and wide, but she continued to lovingly stare at you while she danced around your room. Continue reading

Writers as Actors

Does writing make anyone else feel like a schizophrenic? It does me. Then again, my psychiatrist makes me feel that way too. Anyway, as I have been developing a large amount of supporting characters for my book, I often find myself trying to put myself in their shoes.

It starts so innocently. A simple list of character traits. Then I add in a few quirks. Add a small dash of backstory or history. Sprinkle some kind of memorable personality trait that could possibly be developed later. And BOOM! I have my supporting character chef salad. Continue reading

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Honest. Satirical. Observations.

Happily Lover

Happily Ever After

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