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On Columbus Day…… and to the Haters

So today is Columbus Day. A trend started several years back on attacking Christopher Columbus and the holiday named after him. In today’s, overly politically correct world it has escalated like never before. Some places, like the overly sensitive Seattle, have gone so far as to rename the holiday Indigenous People Day.

OK, so it is well known that the Native Americans were here before Columbus. It is also well known that Columbus wasn’t the first European to “find” North America. Hell, Columbus didn’t even land on the North American continent.

Also known is that Europeans did not peacefully claim these lands. I won’t even get into the fact that Europeans did not patent violently taking over conquered lands. I mean, that is kinda the point of conquering.

But alas, here we are. Attacking Columbus and the holiday. And why? Other groups feel they deserve the holiday more than Columbus. Now I will explain why I think this is improper thinking.

If you take away one holiday from one group to add another you are attacking the first group. I cannot fathom why everyone wants to take away from other people so they can gain something. Instead, why not push for a new holiday? Why must people continue to gain things by taking from others. I mean, isn’t that they main thing people are attacking Columbus for? Taking something from a people that already claimed it?

How do we stop gun violence in America?

These mass killings of innocent people has to end. Everyone has their own sets of blames and consequences; sets of statistics that match either side of the argument.

There is one statistic that everyone seems to forget or ignore. The age of the shooter.

It is almost always someone 25 years old or younger. Usually an introvert and easily influenced by outside opinions. Usually it is kids or barely adults. Could this be a by-product of the helicopter parenting society we have created? As a society we have all but made discipline and punishment illegal. It is already a societal sin to spank a child, to teach a young child that there are consequences for bad behavior. We have done away with competition among the young by forgoing keeping score in youth sports, not ranking teams by performance, and giving everyone their participation award for just showing up.

Can this be fixed? Continue reading

Waiting to be famous

Everyone at one time or another has dreamed of being famous. People have often wanted their name immortalized in history. In decades past, being famous meant you would have to do something. Invent some gadget or doo-dad that saves lives, increases industrial production, prove why apples fall from trees, walk on the moon, sing a hit song, write a classic book, or some other thing that people in some shape or form want. Sometimes you only needed a great idea, other times you needed real talent. The over reaching theme however, was that you provided something.  Continue reading

Because of Puppies, Hugos, and Haters…. Bring back the Hippies!

hippie peaceNow, let me preface this a bit by throwing this out there for anyone to catch. I am not a hippie. I mean not even kind of. My wardrobe looks more like Kerry King than Jimi Hendrix. Yes, I do own a pair of sandals. One pair, compared to the 3 pair of work boots and 1 pair of cowboy boots. Those sandals are a bit ragged from my Velociraptor toes wearing down the front part. They are also covered with grease and oil, cause I will throw those on my Flintstone paws, meander out to the garage to work on this engine or that motorcycle and end up tossing them to the side and just going barefoot. I can’t even properly walk in sandals and I am not afraid of saying so. My damn feet slide all around in them, my toes cramp up from trying to keep them from flying into the air striking a bird or small child, and that floppy part in the front always seems to catch on everything in my path, causing me to stumble, curse, retrieve said sandal, and hurl it angrily as far as I can. So yes, even though I own sandals I don’t really wear them.

Sandals? Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, hippies! Hippies and Puppies. Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies. Puppies and Hugos! Hugos and people! Continue reading

Observations from a 40 year old college student

Ok, so today marks my return to college from a brief 2 week break between summer classes and the Fall semester. The campus is once again full of lost kids staring blankly at schedules and maps. I sit high above the chaos as I type this watching them all wander around aimlessly. See the Non Traditional Student lounge (what I refer lovingly to as The Old Man Room) has this spectacular view of the courtyard outside the Union building and the Library. Behind the screen I am using, is a giant glass window that allows me to enjoy the meandering kids below in my 4th floor perch.

Some observations from a so-called adult in this young person’s haven. Continue reading

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