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These past 12 months I have waded into the deep end of the pool. No, not quite. I jumped from a C-130 flying map-of-the-earth over tree tops, plummeting through the sky towards the restricted area of the lake. Sure there is a vast area of free swimming in waist high water that is populated by numerous swimmers, but where is the fun in that? No. That is not for me, I zero in on my target as the wind screams past me,a tiny ring of floating flags, amidst the giant lake of easy swimming. The target get closer and I reach back to pull my chute only to realize I left it at the cabin.

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Stop It Brain!!!

This painful journey I have decided to embark upon has been trying. Figuring out a story to write about is not the problem. The real problem is my brain, my imagination. I have one story that I really want to finish. It is a story that means a lot to me, it has a bounty of elements that I feel passionate about. I have fleshed the story from beginning to end, I have ripped pieces I love to shreds for the sake of continuity and my weakness of being too verbose. I have added hooks and mini-plots along the way that add much to the overall feel. I have scrapped ideas that I thought would work well, but never quite fit right. Continue reading

A quick rant

It is the day after Memorial Day and I feel the need to get this off my chest. If you chose Memorial Day as the day to make a statement against the military then you need to take a hard look at your morals and your life. Reality check: The soldiers do not make policy, the people YOU elect and re-elect do, and even if “I didn’t vote for him/her” or “I didn’t vote” YOU still were an active participant in choosing who makes our nation’s decisions. Memorial Day is a day to remember FALLEN soldiers, NOT a day for you to flex your internet muscles with (not-so) witty banter about “unjust” this and “disagree with” that. Oh and another thing, any soldier who refers to himself/ herself as a “hero” is 99% of the time a faker! Soldiers are probably some of the most humble people you will ever meet about what THEY did. Try talking to a veteran, you will rarely hear any personal tales of heroics, you will hear about camaraderie and missed friends. You will hear things about fear, regret, pain, loss, pride, loyalty, sacrifice, and other things that are very un-heroic. Others have labeled soldiers “heroes” for various reasons, some are to honor them others are purely for marketing.
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Morality Puzzle

As I struggled to invent a name for this blog/ site/ endeavor/ experiment I went through the things in life that intrigue me most.  Human morality is a concept that I strive to understand.  Understanding it can be difficult because of the complexity of human emotion.  What is moral to one person is not to another.  Is there a universal morality as some philosophers claim?  Is morality more whatever is relevant to those involved at the time? Continue reading

New Socks are the Beginning

So here I am beginning this endeavor that I thought was going to be easy.  See, I am cursed.  Doomed to eternal torment that no matter how hard I try or how much electroshock therapy I undergo, I feel compelled to change things.  Things that I feel are morally wrong, they tear at my sanity and a shadowy force pushes me towards a destination that will allow me to change them or break in the process.

But how to initiate the change? Continue reading

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