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I have been missing. Not physically, because apparently I am sitting here typing this right now. Not now as when all three of you are reading this, but now as when I am writing this. Sorry to get all weird there in an opening sentence, but life is a bit jumbled these days.

Between starting a new job, subsequently quitting said job because of finding a better job, assimilating myself into a new work environment that is completely foreign to me, AND preparing for Finals week at school…..life has been busy.

Sadly a result of life being busy is that I have had zero time to blog or even write for my own enjoyment. Summer is headed my way. A job with normal, daytime hours as opposed to three 12-hour days where I went a few week waking up Sunday afternoon and not sleeping until Tuesday afternoon (that was fun and not fun at the same time) means that I will be able to write more. I am excited about having a bit more free time. Multiple stories flowing around in my melon. A work-in-progress novel I would like to see past Chapter 5 where it is patiently resting is on my agenda. I also want to get more involved with flash fiction around the various author blogs.

So, if you are one of the handful of people that take the time to read my ramblings; I miss you too. I will see you soon. I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you.


Next 15 weeks

Spring semester has started again. My next 15 weeks are going to consist of lots of reading, a good bit of writing, and learning Spanish…… I will try to get back into the blogging thing also.

My thoughts on #BoycottStarWarsVII

Few will care, less will agree with my opinion but here it is anyway. I have a headache so the opinions of others are lost to me right now….well that is usual, but my uncaring is strong today.

Journey back in time. Not light years ago. Not even a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. No, simply travel back in time 20 years or so ago. People said stupid things. People said stupid things a lot. Journey back even further. People still said stupid things. Hell, set the date on your time travel machine to the early 1800s, 1700s, pick a date in the past where humans gathered in groups. In every period of history, someone somewhere has said something stupid. It happens. People are idiots.  Continue reading

Pride v Shame

Wow! It has been a busy week. Midterms have prevented me from doing anything remotely fun. Now let’s couple that with life and its daily challenges to my sanity. The end result is me being physically and mentally tired.

I try to remain updated on the fiasco that is called American politics. In fact, politics is my vice. I spend a few hours a day reading and listening to various political views. The degree I am seeking is politically based. I watch a total of 4 different national news channels every morning.

A question my teenage son once posed to me was, “Dad, why do you watch so many different news channels?” My response was long and probably too drawn out to keep a teenager’s attention. It boiled down to, I like to watch all the myriad views and formulate my own educated opinion. Now, he sits quietly on the couch every morning and watches 4 channels of news with me. He doesn’t complain. He has learned that all of them are biased to some degree. Watching his mental growth is a pleasure to me. Continue reading

How do we stop gun violence in America?

These mass killings of innocent people has to end. Everyone has their own sets of blames and consequences; sets of statistics that match either side of the argument.

There is one statistic that everyone seems to forget or ignore. The age of the shooter.

It is almost always someone 25 years old or younger. Usually an introvert and easily influenced by outside opinions. Usually it is kids or barely adults. Could this be a by-product of the helicopter parenting society we have created? As a society we have all but made discipline and punishment illegal. It is already a societal sin to spank a child, to teach a young child that there are consequences for bad behavior. We have done away with competition among the young by forgoing keeping score in youth sports, not ranking teams by performance, and giving everyone their participation award for just showing up.

Can this be fixed? Continue reading

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