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Incompleteness in People is a Good Thing

Let us get philosophical for a moment. Here is a small essay I wrote for a class on existentialism. Just sharing a different side of my multi-layered personality. This may too deep for some people, yet I think it is easy to follow. Enjoy…..or read so your brain melts and your eyes bleed.

Why is incompleteness in a person a good thing?
A hole is an incomplete thing. It has both physical substance and abstract meaning. Yet, these dual meanings cannot exist at the same moment. A person cannot physically hold a hole and display it for viewing as one could with a book. A book can be felt because it exists in a physical sense. A book can be picked up, held, and then thrown across a room. A person can do none of these actions with a hole because it is not physical. It is an abstract description of the absence of a physical object that occupied the space previously. Yet, if the same person who threw the book then fell into a hole in the earth, it would instantly become physical. The person would not state that he fell into an absence of earth. Once the hole begins to affect the physical world it can thus be understood as a physical object. In this sense a hole is an incomplete thing because it is both physical and abstract, while being neither simultaneously.

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