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One of those days

The expression “one of those days” is very strange to me. Strange because it leaves a shotgun blast wound in the notion of what in the hell you are talking about! One of what days? Sure everyone automatically assumes it is one of those days, you know the ones. Days where you hit the OFF button instead of SNOOZE, running late now so you skip that morning shower to wake you and keep you from smelling like a brewery, then manage to dump you first and only coffee of the day in your lap suffering minor burns on your nether regions forcing you to head to the urgent care center, feeling the blisters start to bubble under your unmentionables, only to get seen by the cutest nurse who now has to examine your delicate areas, only to find little creepy crawlies down there (which weren’t there yesterday); then in your shock, a moment of clarity strikes you as last night’s bar debauchery comes back to you as your brain hits the refresh button to remember that not-so-hot chick that really liked you, even though she smelled….and charged you $50……and is still in your apartment……oh boy.

Is it one of THOSE days? Or perhaps they just didn’t add enough sugar to your coffee at Starbucks kinda horrible day?

Either way. Have a good day folks!

Wide World of Blogs

These past 12 months I have waded into the deep end of the pool. No, not quite. I jumped from a C-130 flying map-of-the-earth over tree tops, plummeting through the sky towards the restricted area of the lake. Sure there is a vast area of free swimming in waist high water that is populated by numerous swimmers, but where is the fun in that? No. That is not for me, I zero in on my target as the wind screams past me,a tiny ring of floating flags, amidst the giant lake of easy swimming. The target get closer and I reach back to pull my chute only to realize I left it at the cabin.

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A quick rant

It is the day after Memorial Day and I feel the need to get this off my chest. If you chose Memorial Day as the day to make a statement against the military then you need to take a hard look at your morals and your life. Reality check: The soldiers do not make policy, the people YOU elect and re-elect do, and even if “I didn’t vote for him/her” or “I didn’t vote” YOU still were an active participant in choosing who makes our nation’s decisions. Memorial Day is a day to remember FALLEN soldiers, NOT a day for you to flex your internet muscles with (not-so) witty banter about “unjust” this and “disagree with” that. Oh and another thing, any soldier who refers to himself/ herself as a “hero” is 99% of the time a faker! Soldiers are probably some of the most humble people you will ever meet about what THEY did. Try talking to a veteran, you will rarely hear any personal tales of heroics, you will hear about camaraderie and missed friends. You will hear things about fear, regret, pain, loss, pride, loyalty, sacrifice, and other things that are very un-heroic. Others have labeled soldiers “heroes” for various reasons, some are to honor them others are purely for marketing.
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