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Ok, so this is going to be a bit random because a few quite interesting things have happened lately. All of these seemingly unrelated events have an unintended consequence of my personal happiness.

First, I won a writing challenge! It may seem a small feat to some, however for me it was quite a huge step. In fact it happened at a most opportune moment.

Writing is difficult. Like, bang my head against the keyboard because the jumble of words in my head don’t translate to my fingers. Sometimes I stare at my fingers and imagine snapping each one against the keys to force them to produce the words I want to express. When it doesn’t happen it frustrates me, enrages me, causes me to refill my coffee cup and smoke another cigarette so I don’t succumb to my urgings to randomly go on a twelve state killing spree. Ok maybe not that bad. However, it is difficult. I have said before that I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t. Doubt was beginning to peek out from the closet of my mind (somewhere near the right inner ear). It was teasing me that I wasn’t talented enough. That no one cared the words I write. I was beginning to listen to the gremlin. I was writing less, reading less. Finding excuses during my set writing times.

Then BAMMO! I won something

! WOW-Award Continue reading

Fiction Challenge: Underwater Craps

Here is a new flash fiction offering of mine. It is for the blog Write on Wendy where every week she gives a topic to write a 500 word fictional story on. I continue to find a 500 word challenge extremely difficult. Fitting an entire concept into only 500 words requires a lot of editing for me. This story came in at 600 plus before I edited it to 499 words.

Anyway, this week’s writing prompt is: to write a story that takes place underwater and a character ends up feeling refreshed in some way. Let me just say I put my usual spin on such a fun topic. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Why I Write – Challenge

This week, word guru Chuck Wendig has offered a different spin on his weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. He asks to write a summary of a simple phrase, “Why I write?” Three simple words have a layered and complicated answer.

Why do I write? I have often stared into the mirror, examining the haggard face mocking my every move and wondered the same thing. I have written many things over the years, but never have I actually set out with the purpose of writing stories for  the entertainment of others. Unlike other writers I have not: 1) been writing stories since I was a toddler 2) had a life changing experience that gives me a desire to write 3) been writing for years, honing the craft to perfection 4) suffered a loss that could only be expressed through written word 5) been abducted by mimes and held at imaginary gunpoint over an invisible typewriter forced to tell the history of the International Association of Assassin Mimes and Reptile-Training Plumbers. None of these things caused me want to write. Continue reading

Flash Fiction for Inspiration Monday Challenge

In a continuing effort to increase my writing skills I have been fanatically hunting down these writing challenges. Once I find one I really like I peck out a few minutes a day to set about writing.

This submission is for Be Kind Rewrite. Stephanie Orges offers up weekly challenges every Monday to increase creativity. She calls this wonderful event, InMon (Inspiration Monday). It is a great thing to help others by offering tidbits of information and helpful advice, and she does both in spades.  She has a wonderful site and I suggest you go check it out. No really. Like now!

I will wait.

Anyway. She has a great site. And this week the challenge consisted of picking one of the random words/ phrases and writing whatever the gremlins plant in your head. My words were Prism Sentence. Here is what I created. Enjoy. Continue reading


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