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On Columbus Day…… and to the Haters

So today is Columbus Day. A trend started several years back on attacking Christopher Columbus and the holiday named after him. In today’s, overly politically correct world it has escalated like never before. Some places, like the overly sensitive Seattle, have gone so far as to rename the holiday Indigenous People Day.

OK, so it is well known that the Native Americans were here before Columbus. It is also well known that Columbus wasn’t the first European to “find” North America. Hell, Columbus didn’t even land on the North American continent.

Also known is that Europeans did not peacefully claim these lands. I won’t even get into the fact that Europeans did not patent violently taking over conquered lands. I mean, that is kinda the point of conquering.

But alas, here we are. Attacking Columbus and the holiday. And why? Other groups feel they deserve the holiday more than Columbus. Now I will explain why I think this is improper thinking.

If you take away one holiday from one group to add another you are attacking the first group. I cannot fathom why everyone wants to take away from other people so they can gain something. Instead, why not push for a new holiday? Why must people continue to gain things by taking from others. I mean, isn’t that they main thing people are attacking Columbus for? Taking something from a people that already claimed it?

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