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Flash Fiction Challenge: Brutality

Back to blogging. Back to submitting flash fictions. I really enjoy flash fiction challenges. Well….enjoy might be to strong a word. I find them difficult. Difficult but enlightening. Staying within a word limit, sticking to a vague topic. Crafting a functional group of words that gets some kind of point across is challenging. I often go through a few different stories before settling on one I like.

This week was no different. This is the fourth flash I wrote for this single challenge. All four completely different. Yet, this is the one I liked the most……or hated the least. Whichever.

Anyway, this is what I am submitting to Write on Wendy’s weekly flash fiction challenge. I really enjoy her blog and have found useful tips, as well as interesting stories. I highly suggest everyone that stumbles across my meager page, take an internet stroll over to her blog and be amazed. Continue reading

When the Words Don’t Work

Recently I have taken some time off from my little rambling blog of thoughts, angers, frustrations, lessons, and whatnot. First, was some much needed downtime with my wife to recharge life. It was great beyond words. My most recent break from blogging was to work on my book. I needed to devote some serious time and effort into the project. A few side projects of short fiction from time to time to break the monotony but overall, time was spent completely focusing on my book.

Everything was going great. A few chapters flowed with such ease that I became cocky. I edited some of what I wrote. Had a few online readers beta read some of it, with happy results. Minor tweaks and I was happy. Others were happy. Continue reading

The Boiling Pot of Society

It seems that as a country, we are at a crossroads of choice. One between what we are told is right and what we believe is right. I have never been one to do what I’m told, always choosing my own path even if it turns out wrong. Ask my Mom, she will sadly confirm. However, even the wrong paths were my choosing and I accepted the results of my choice, good or bad. You shouldn’t seek solace from others for making wrong choices, but own your decisions and face your results head on.

Lately, everyone is on edge because we are being told how to think and act. Its wrong to disagree with a person’s lifestyle or what flag they choose to display. People are owed things for the wrongs of the past. It is ok to lash out if you feel you have been wronged. Its acceptable to attack anyone who disagrees with your views, and you are free to accuse them of some injustice if they dare to speak against you.

We are being told these things daily, in the smallest ways. These waters have been on a slow boil for decades but now the pot is bubbling. If the heat isn’t turned down it will soon boil over. Hot, scalding water pouring forth harming everyone who tries to stop it and you are forced to let it runs its course unless you also get burned.

The question is, who is the pot and who is the water.

News flash to the uninformed. Opinions are not illegal. No one owes anyone anything. The only person holding you back from achieving greatness is yourself. If you break the law, you should face consequences when you get caught. If you choose to stomp on a flag in my presence then that is your choice and you must face the consequences. As it is my choice to be the consequence by punching you in the face, then I will face my own consequences. The reason things are getting out of hand is because we are being convinced that our thinking is wrong. How can thinking be wrong? I personally could care less who agrees or disagrees with my opinion. They are my thoughts. I own them. In my head they do not hurt anyone else, should I choose to free them from constraint then now I, and only I am responsible for them. The part that is hard or me to understand is why do people have to choose. Why is it always this side or that? It seems more and more the lines that divide are chosen by people with varied interests. The ground-pounders that are truly affected by these divisible lines are not the ones with the chalk. Everyone, on both sides are watching hands draw the lines that divide us, then they sit back and reap rewards from the ensuing chaos. The ones that divide want division! Unity is the antithesis of all those in power cherish. Lack of unity promotes tension, tension promotes chaos, chaos promotes wealth. Many people are slowly waking up and understanding that fact.

Soon the pot will boil over.

Will you be unafraid to get burned, will you be the boiling water, or will you wait to clean up the mess afterwards?

Trials of the Dreaded Underwriter

Today my wife and I closed on our house. It is not the first house I have owned but it was by far the most difficult to close. Not for financial reasons but because of the towering mountains of legal voodoo magic you must conjure up to get the approval. Continue reading

Thank you for holding. My customers are important to me

   Over one and a half hours of grueling torment of “I am important to you” messages and the nauseating loop of Muzak I was ready to snap. I found myself glaring at the phone, daggers erupting from my eyes, tunneling through hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable to find a human on the other end, any poor wretched soul who was unlucky enough to be the target of my Tomahawk missile of righteous fury. Continue reading


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