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I used to think I was good at researching. I used to think finding the perfect name would make the story progress at a swifter pace. I used to think I the perfect title would allow the entire story to magically develop on the page.

It never occurred to me that every time I did my outstanding research I was not actually writing. It never occurred to me that I only did this research when my story was lagging. When I was stuck I would begin to obsess over things like a name, a last name, the title, a chapter title, the name of the store owner where the protagonist bought a soda. These things are not important.

I keep confusing writing with editing. Writing should be creative. The words should flow unabated. The perfect name or perfect title should come during the editing phase. Editing during writing is merely procrastination.


My thoughts on 9/11

Today is 9/11 and a lot of people have strong feelings about what happened in New York 15 years ago. Not a lot of people know where I was on that day. I was connecting beams on the 7th floor of a new building in Stamford, CT. It was a nice job site, right on the Long Island Sound where we could usually count on a breeze or two cooling us off periodically. Across the sound I could see Manhattan, I could see the NYC skyline. Which is why I thought it was weird that huge plumes of smoke were billowing across the water.
My partner and I were commenting on how big that fire must be for us to see it. We stared at it as a beam was being hoisted to us. I had a bad feeling about the sight of all that smoke. Even if I didn’t know why… I knew it wasn’t good.

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Books make things easier

What more is there to say?


The Depression Fallacy

Let me just lay out my truth in the beginning so everyone who knows more than me can more along. That is my futile attempt at offering a trigger warning. If you have read more than two sentences of my writing you understand I do not give two triple-lindy backflips about triggers or safe spaces or even feelings. Yeah I am in a mood. What is the word all the kids are using these days? Salty? Yeah. I am salty. So salty there is a fine crust forming along my edges. Too much? Oh well. Salt life!

Back on topic. I have experienced a lot of things in my short four-plus decades of existence. I have also had to fortune to come away mostly unscathed, mentally and physically. Many people have inquired as to how I am still alive. I don’t really know. Even more people want to know my secret to staying happy after a life when things were not always roses. It is a super-secret secret that I am willing to share right now.


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Understanding the Average Conservative


In this exciting political season, people are making crazy assumptions and wild accusations. The candidates are acting crazy too! However, I was talking about the average social media warrior out there that makes these fantastic claims about things that, let’s be honest, they really don’t know.

As a decent, upstanding citizen I feel it is my right to enlighten a few people out there what the average conservative in America is like. I do not pretend to understand the average liberal, because I am not one. Therefore, I also do not make wild accusations about them or their beliefs. I do know that I disagree with many of their stated ideological stances on many subjects. However, I truly believe if many of them knew what a typical conservative was like (and ignored the social media stereotype) we might all be closer as people. Continue reading


Growth, together

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