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My thoughts on 9/11

Today is 9/11 and a lot of people have strong feelings about what happened in New York 15 years ago. Not a lot of people know where I was on that day. I was connecting beams on the 7th floor of a new building in Stamford, CT. It was a nice job site, right on the Long Island Sound where we could usually count on a breeze or two cooling us off periodically. Across the sound I could see Manhattan, I could see the NYC skyline. Which is why I thought it was weird that huge plumes of smoke were billowing across the water.
My partner and I were commenting on how big that fire must be for us to see it. We stared at it as a beam was being hoisted to us. I had a bad feeling about the sight of all that smoke. Even if I didn’t know why… I knew it wasn’t good.

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