The Depression Fallacy

Let me just lay out my truth in the beginning so everyone who knows more than me can more along. That is my futile attempt at offering a trigger warning. If you have read more than two sentences of my writing you understand I do not give two triple-lindy backflips about triggers or safe spaces or even feelings. Yeah I am in a mood. What is the word all the kids are using these days? Salty? Yeah. I am salty. So salty there is a fine crust forming along my edges. Too much? Oh well. Salt life!

Back on topic. I have experienced a lot of things in my short four-plus decades of existence. I have also had to fortune to come away mostly unscathed, mentally and physically. Many people have inquired as to how I am still alive. I don’t really know. Even more people want to know my secret to staying happy after a life when things were not always roses. It is a super-secret secret that I am willing to share right now.



Depression, anxiety, and all the other forms of mental unhappiness are a bunch of mumbo jumbo. No really. I truly believe they are. I actually do not believe in depression. I think it is a man-inspired malaise created for the evolved human to deal with the natural struggle of life.

Did you feel that? There was a disturbance in the blog. It was if the three semi-regular readers suddenly cried out in terror, and then suddenly went to another blog.

But wait…. there’s more. I have only begun to be a pain in the ass tonight.

Why you might inquire do I not put faith in proven medical and psychological disorders? It is simple actually. I believe that life is full of hardships and happiness. Your mental health is dictated by how you handle each moment as it presents itself, and nothing more. Nothing else mandates how you act. No amount of daily prayers, repetitious mantras, or plushy blankets in your pretty little safe space can help you deal with life more than actually dealing with life.

Did life give you lemons? Ok… you now have lemons. Next! Life gave you hardships that make you want to curl into a ball under the security of a soft comforter and not dare to venture forth into the cruel world again? Ok, get out of bed and deal with the next thing.

Many people have stared blankly at my brutal honesty about this subject. I have been told multiple times that it is just not that easy. I always chuckle and ask a simple question.


Why is it not easy to get out of bed? Why is it not easy to take a shower, to eat breakfast, to go to work or school, to not think about offing yourself today? Why? I mean, you did it yesterday. Well, maybe not. Maybe you laid in bed scared the world would hurt you again yesterday. Yet, at some point in your past you have managed to drag your ass out of bed, into the shower, into some clean clothes, and managed to struggle through an entire day of work while even managing to converse with another human being and forget momentarily that life was out to get you. See. You did it then, so why can’t you do it now?

Because life is too hard for me? Life is not too hard for anyone alive. We live in a world where a person can order groceries over a computer and have them delivered to your doorstep. Cars can parallel park themselves. I can carry around a computer on my wrist. My phone can talk to me and even answer questions I ask it.

Life is oh so hard.

Now, I am not going to downplay the horrible tragic things that many people have had to endure. These things weigh heavily on a person. They are the weights of life that seek to hold us in that bed. Atrocities are the hardest to overcome because of the often brutal nature they were presented. They often manifest in weighs sometimes more traumatic than the original incident.

These things suck. I am not going to lie to you. Yet, it is all how you handle it. You cannot undo the past. If you dwell in horrible events you are dooming yourself to relive instances that cannot be undone. You are forcing a predetermined atrocity to continuously repeat itself before your eyes. You are reliving tragedies that you have already survived once.

However, if you realize you have already kicked the ass of this tragedy once, it then holds no power over you. Do I fear the bee that stung me yesterday? No, I squashed that little bastard. It will never sting me again. Will another bee sting me tomorrow? Maybe. However, I will try to squash his ass too. I won’t forever bar myself from going outside because another bee could possibly, oneday, maybe sting me. It seems ridiculous when seen in such a plain way. Yet, no matter how complicated the tragedy it can still be handled the same. Fix it. Don’t let it happen again. Move forward. Don’t be ruled by your past. There are a million little catch phrases that help people put one foot in front of the next. Find your catch phrase and drag your lazy ass out of bed and go to work! There are mentally disabled people on state insurance that need drugs to handle the pain their life has given them.

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