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The Depression Fallacy

Let me just lay out my truth in the beginning so everyone who knows more than me can more along. That is my futile attempt at offering a trigger warning. If you have read more than two sentences of my writing you understand I do not give two triple-lindy backflips about triggers or safe spaces or even feelings. Yeah I am in a mood. What is the word all the kids are using these days? Salty? Yeah. I am salty. So salty there is a fine crust forming along my edges. Too much? Oh well. Salt life!

Back on topic. I have experienced a lot of things in my short four-plus decades of existence. I have also had to fortune to come away mostly unscathed, mentally and physically. Many people have inquired as to how I am still alive. I don’t really know. Even more people want to know my secret to staying happy after a life when things were not always roses. It is a super-secret secret that I am willing to share right now.


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