Understanding the Average Conservative


In this exciting political season, people are making crazy assumptions and wild accusations. The candidates are acting crazy too! However, I was talking about the average social media warrior out there that makes these fantastic claims about things that, let’s be honest, they really don’t know.

As a decent, upstanding citizen I feel it is my right to enlighten a few people out there what the average conservative in America is like. I do not pretend to understand the average liberal, because I am not one. Therefore, I also do not make wild accusations about them or their beliefs. I do know that I disagree with many of their stated ideological stances on many subjects. However, I truly believe if many of them knew what a typical conservative was like (and ignored the social media stereotype) we might all be closer as people.


The average conservative believes that the Constitution enables each and every law-abiding citizen the right to possess a firearm. This does not mean the same thing for every person. Some people collect firearms, others keep them for protection, others hunt. Now here is where it gets weird. These people do not care if other people DO NOT want to own guns. See, that is their right. If someone is opposed to owning a firearm, then I (and most conservatives) really don’t care. If your personal feelings prevent you from desiring to own a firearm, then more power to you. It is your right, just as it is my right TO own a firearm. See, I don’t really care if you own a gun or not. Just please do not try to tell me I can’t own one.


This is not much different from gun ownership to most conservatives. I am going to leave religious reasons out of this because I am talking about political ideology, not religious ideology. They can be separated. Using religion to guide your ideology is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t step on other’s personal freedoms.

Back to homosexuals. I have spoken with many conservatives and I have received mostly the same response. That is, most conservatives really have no opinion of other people’s sex life. I mean, isn’t that very much like the gun conversation. Most conservatives I have spoken with have no problem with homosexuals. There seems to be this stereotype that if you are a conservative, you hate homosexuals. I have yet to encounter this mythical conservative, but I am on the lookout.


Hmmmm. I mentioned I have spoken with many conservatives earlier. A lot of people reading this are assuming I was talking about white guys. Well, I was talking about men and women, white, black, Hispanic, and every other ethnicity I could find. There was an underlying theme across the board. That theme was that the typical conservative really doesn’t care what someone else’s race is. No really. Racism isn’t as bad as you might think among most conservatives.

Wait, I know you are screaming at your screen right now and saying that all conservatives hate those lazy people on welfare!

Now, I have found that to be true. However, if you go back and read that statement, there was no mention of race. If in hearing or reading a statement such as that,  you assign a race to the image in your head, then you my friend are the one being racist.

Now let me take a break because there is a common theme going.

The typical conservative honestly doesn’t care about the majority of the social issues that the media seems to think drives the national discussion. No really. Most have no opinion.

Crazy right? Well there is a reason most have no opinion. It is because the issues most conservatives do have strong opinions about has nothing to do with the majority of the popular social issues out there.

So let’s make a different list. Here are some things that most conservatives have a strong opinion about.

  • Laziness: This is the most common complaint. Most conservatives hate laziness. They honestly don’t care what color you are, who or where you worship, who you choose to have sex with, your stance on guns, anything. However, if you are a lazy person. If you prefer a handout to hard work, then you are generally not well received.
  • Freedom: If you think it is a good idea to limit anyone’s personal freedoms in any way… you will not be well received by any conservative. If you think that because you hate guns they should be banned, you will not find many conservative friends. If you think that to make yourself feel better, you must take things away from other people, you will not have any conservative friends. The average conservative loves freedom. The average conservative hates oppressive government influence or hateful social justice warriors. Yes, most social justice warriors are extremely hateful people. Don’t believe me? Look at any Trump rally. No. Stop looking at the audience or the ones watching. Look at those protesting the rally. There is so much hate there that Hitler would be proud.

There are more but in my travels and conversations the above 2 reasons are the main things the average conservative cares about. The average conservative doesn’t answer telephone polls. They don’t care about speech transcripts or tax forms, they care about potholes on their street and making enough money to support their family and hopefully have enough left over to do something fun. Most conservatives honestly care about the things closest to them and the things that directly affect their lives.

I hope that clears some things up. I will post more on this later, but it is late here and I have to go to work tomorrow.

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