Provoking Confrontation

I am an asshole.

Or so people have claimed. I have been called a jerk, heartless, confrontational, and an asshole. Several other choice words have been thrown my way over the years.

I have also been called nice, caring, thoughtful, friendly, and an all around nice guy.

So, do I have multiple personalities? An evil twin? Am I a patsy for the Skrull invasion? Possibly.

The truth is, I like confrontation. I believe people can only be their best when pushed. Nothing in life comes easy. I decided a long time ago that if the weak culture we are living in will not push people to be better, I will do it. I wear my asshole badge proudly.

Second place is the first loser position. Only the best finish first. The thing is, most people don’t care enough to be first. We have a society that is handing out participation trophies for existing. Life is a battle, it is challenging, and our culture is constantly telling us that we are all equal.

No we aren’t. We are not equal. We are different. At our very core, we a re different. It is what makes us great.

If society gets its way, there will be no differences in anyone. Everyone will be a carbon copy that never challenges the words of another. Challenge makes the weak rise up to become better. Most times, it only takes confrontation to want to be better.

Therefore, I will offer that. I will confront people with challenging ideas. Ideas that make you think and feel emotion. If that emotion is happiness or hatred, at least it is an emotion. I hate passive people. They are boring.

I don’t like boring. Therefore, I will be your asshole.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

One response to “Provoking Confrontation

  • Sheila M. Good, Author

    And my hero! Here, here. Keep the confrontations coming. I too, distain weak people, whiners of all persuasions and anyone who expects the world to deliver their lives on a silver platter. Couldn’t agree more – differences make the world go around.


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