I may have explained/ solved the gender pay gap

No really. It’s true. In fact, I came to this revelation while listening to a Sociology professor ramble on about how the white man is the greatest evil to ever walk the lands. I had to glance at him to ensure myself he wasn’t a Native American chief blaming the white man for the loss of his tribal lands. Nope, still the same white, ultra-liberal, west coast born male instructor who is blinded by his own ideology.

Anyway, so he is droning on about gender pay inequality. To his credit he produced 2015 charts by the Pew Research Institute that spewed current figures about pay and gender. The facts are presented clearly for anyone to see. Men, on average earn more money than women in most jobs of equal position.

Let me make my position clear. I am fully, 100% behind equality for everyone. 

That being said, I began to look at the numbers, the patterns, the small nuances that seems lost in this particular public debate. However, I being a person having lived over 4 decades on the planet saw these numbers differently from the average college student. I didn’t see them and make knee-jerk reactions about wrongness and unfairness. I tried to see the reason behind the disparity. Then as I pondered the mountains of date he was giving us, continually berating white men for holding women back I began to see something more. I started to see a common sense reason for the obvious facts. Eventually I came to my own undeniable reason for the gender pay inequality.

On average, women are morally superior to men in the workplace. Being the ethically better gender, they get paid less.

I can sense some scratching of heads, some people ready to stop reading, others ready to burn me at the stake. However, if you can bear a few more minutes of my ramblings I will explain what I mean.

Having a job is about one thing: making money. An employer, owner, board of directors, whatever has one goal also: to make money. To that end, everyone involved in the job has the same ultimate goal of making money but how they do it and who they rely on for it is vastly different.

Employees make money by performing a task. Employers make money by paying the best employees to perform a task which makes them money. IF the formula ended there, then all jobs would share equality based on performance. Yet, they don’t because of the simple fact that employees and employers are all human. Humans with emotions, desires, needs, and priorities.

On average men work in jobs for one simple reason. To make money and provide for their family and/or themselves. Men will do what it takes to meet this end. Sure, men form friendships at work but ultimately it is about doing the best job to make money.

Women, on average form bonds and personal relationships with co-workers. Work becomes as much a social activity as it is a job. Women also seek to earn the highest pay possible, but ultimately that is one of many factors when accepting a job.

The difference between the average man and women in the workplace is not unfair or unjust. It does grant a magic privilege to one gender over the other. It is simply different. The genders are different. We are genetically different, we think differently, we hold values with different levels of importance. It is simply the fact on average.

Now my reasoning behind the pay gap is starting to formulate. Back to the Pew Research study. I noticed that in many fields there is little gap in pay. These jobs are ones where the pay is a set scale based upon predetermined qualifications. Time on the job, levels of education, certifications held, and special skills are all benchmarks that are plainly stated as influences on a person’s pay. As these qualifications rise, so does the person’s pay. The employer wants to make money remember, so they are going to pay the best person for the job the most money. Gender fits nowhere in this model for pay increase. The US military is a wonderful example on this. Your pay is based around a few specific reasons. The main reason is time in service. The longer you have devoted your time to the military, the more you get paid.

Yet, these other jobs had tremendous disparity in the pay scale. Obviously they do not use a set scale for wages. If not then the gap between male and female must be because of misogyny. Before you leap off the cliff to that conclusion go back to my earlier statements.

Women are morally superior. Men want to make money. Women want to make money and friends. Employers want to make money.

An example can drive my point home. A man and a woman make the same money at a job, they have the same qualifications. Both man and woman are offered new jobs at a competing company, doing the same work for more money. Both man and woman are offered the job for the same pay increase.

On average, the man will look at the long-term benefits of the new job. Ultimately it comes down to one fact: more money. It is the same job he is doing now but for more money. On average, the man will take the new job.

On average, the woman will look at several factors of the new job that never occur to the man (or only in hind sight). Will the pay increase offset any travel expenses? What kind of people are at the new job? Do I want to leave my friends at my current job? What is I don’t make friends at my new job. I don’t like my current job but I have lots of people that are my friends and I would miss them. I will get a pay increase next year. Will there be a gap in my insurance coverage between jobs? What if my kids get sick during that transition. My employer here knows me and my family whereas the new employer doesn’t. Do I really want to put the time and effort into learning a new building, new employees, new bosses? Sure it is more money, but is it worth it? On average, the women might take the new job.

Now say the man takes the job and the woman chooses to stay in the more comfortable surroundings. We have just increased the pay gap in a job where gender doesn’t play a role in wage. Why? Because women are more thoughtful and take much more into consideration in the work force. Women are morally superior when it comes to employment.

Sure, this ins’t the case every time, but it is the average. Most women think like this. I have known women that stay at low paying jobs they hate, because they love their co-workers. I myself have quit a job on a Friday to take another job on a Monday over a $1 per hour pay increase. Friends be damned, it was more money. That is how the average man thinks. In his mind, more money will better support his household. Therefore, taking the new job is the right thing to do. A woman considers many factors instead of just more money. Women are morally superior and this superiority has built the pay gap.

A man will walk into his bosses office and ask for a raise or he is leaving, with every intention of doing just what he stated. A woman will walk into a bosses office and ask for a raise or she is leaving, hoping that her boss doesn’t know she is bluffing. If the boss doesn’t offer either a raise, the man will usually leave his job before the woman will. The man will be guided by arrogance and pride, determined to find a better job away from this idiotic boss. The woman will swallow her pride and keep her current job because it provides income for her and her family.

Women are morally better than men, that is why men get paid more.




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One response to “I may have explained/ solved the gender pay gap

  • Kelsey Courtright

    Interesting statement, I agree with your observations regarding the differences between men and women’s thinking and their outlook on life. However, I don’t know if I would agree with the statement of women are morally better. I state this because it’s been shown in history that women are more vicious and callous in many regards. For example, in ancient times the Celtics disbanded the female armies because they refused to take live prisoners, they were too ruthless, therefore making it difficult for peace agreements to be reached between tribes. Other than that I agree with the causes behind the pay differences and this was well written.


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