People… This has gone too far

The world has a lot of problems, it always has. Perhaps it is getting worse. Perhaps we are just more aware of the ways of the world. Most people blame a variety of things on every side of every issue. All the problems boil down to one issue: Lack of respect. Respect is lost on the people of the world today.

Respect encompasses many ideals that could solve all of our issues. Religious ideologies cause strife among people of the world. Why? Religion should be a means to live a better life. Religion can be a wonderful thing if you understand the deeper meaning. Most world religions throughout history revolve around a few basic tenets. Be good to one another. Honor your god. Prosper in your life. Be industrious. Be a good person. IF you strip away the names and the environments, most religions speak the same language. The stories are not always worded the same way but the underlying message is generally one of respect. Respect for one another and for the place you call home.

Attacking and killing others whose ideologies do not mirror your own is a descent into madness. It only provokes anger, resentment, and ultimately hatred for one another. Lines are drawn and the nature of humanity makes us want to challenge those borders. Retaliation and retribution replaces our senses and our morality. We become no more than beasts fighting over the perfect hunting grounds. Our ideologies have become a crutch to modern man, we cling to them so tightly we have become blinded to the words of others. We have forgotten that the message beneath the rhetoric is the same. We have lost respect for one another.

It goes beyond just religion. Political arenas across the world are full of strife and venomous vitriol that border on genocidal talking points. One group begins to disagree with another over small topics. The talks grow, the lines are drawn, bayonets are fixed, then both sides charge one another intent on proving the other side wrong. Lost are the days of honorable debate to prove your own viewpoint is correct. Instead we lash out at opposition intent on showing their failures instead of our successes.

The old complaint in politics was that politicians were old windbags who sat behind big desks and sent other people to do the following. We demanded leaders who took charge and led from the front. We got our wish. However, the charge they lead is divisive rantings of hatred. We blindly tag along, wagging our tails in support of the people who crave individual power instead of liberty for all.

How can we continue down a path where we would rather ignore, shame, or shoot someone who doesn’t agree with our fixed view? We have lost the simple respect for others in the basic fact that people are different. Not all people think the same way, do the same things, love the same way. Our understanding that people are different is going to be our doom.

Some people are bigots and racists. Some are religious zealots while others are atheists. Some people think we are destroying our world, others see it as natural progression. These are undeniable facts that no amount of protests, laws, or shootings will change. In fact those three facts will only fortify the opposition to cling tighter to their cause.

Until we, as a species can remember how to respect one another and our individual differences, we may be headed towards a future we cannot survive. I don’t mean to be a doomsayer, I just call it like I see it.


About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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