Words of Encouragement and Insight

It seems whenever I read a blog entry by an established writer I am invariably drawn to the Comments section. I honestly chuckle as I read through the comments. If I were to judge every writer by comments it would come down to this: Writers are people with zero self-confidence and need a daily boost from others to continue trudging along.

I mean really. Comments sections are full of:

“Thanks! This is really what I needed today!”

“I was ready to give up until reading this. Thanks!”

“I don’t know what I would do without these encouraging words!”

“I was lost until I read your insightful words. Now I know where to go next! Thanks!”


Really? Is that how most authors are? Well, I am not going to be one to not offer up something positive. I won’t be the reason someone jumps in front of a bus. So I will lay out a few words of insight and encouragement to hopefully fuel someone through the next few painful hours of life.




You are welcome.


About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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