Pride v Shame

Wow! It has been a busy week. Midterms have prevented me from doing anything remotely fun. Now let’s couple that with life and its daily challenges to my sanity. The end result is me being physically and mentally tired.

I try to remain updated on the fiasco that is called American politics. In fact, politics is my vice. I spend a few hours a day reading and listening to various political views. The degree I am seeking is politically based. I watch a total of 4 different national news channels every morning.

A question my teenage son once posed to me was, “Dad, why do you watch so many different news channels?” My response was long and probably too drawn out to keep a teenager’s attention. It boiled down to, I like to watch all the myriad views and formulate my own educated opinion. Now, he sits quietly on the couch every morning and watches 4 channels of news with me. He doesn’t complain. He has learned that all of them are biased to some degree. Watching his mental growth is a pleasure to me.

Seeing as how I attempt to remain informed I tend to chime in on various social, national, or “hot” topics. I try not to use “controversial” because nothing should be controversial if it affects the country as a whole. Just because someone is uncomfortable does not mean it should not be addressed. In fact, the “controversial” topics are often the topics that need the most discussion. Those are the issues that polarize people. Those are the topics that drive wedges in families and friendships.

One such hot topic right now is abortion. I don’t want to talk about the act itself right now. I would rather speak about how people treat abortion. It is a highly emotional issue on both sides, because quite frankly it affects different people in different ways. What I do want to talk about is this new Twitter trend #ShoutYourAbortion.

First off, Twitter is a cesspool of angry people. My view of Twitter is: Twitter, where even the truth has identity issues.

Now that being said, #ShoutYourAbortion is misguided in my opinion. This is why. Not everything that some people view as shameful should you take pride in.

Whether you support or oppose abortion there is one undeniable fact. A human life has been ended. If you are pro-life then you see that life begins at conception. Abortion kills that life. If you are strictly pro-choice then you may think, even though the fetus is not a human, it will be if given the chance to be born. Abortion kills that future life. So which ever side you take, a life has been ended. Is that something to be proud of? By shouting your abortion and how much better your life has become because of it, is taking pride in ending a life. Taking pride in depriving another human of the right to life and all the things life can provide. I understand that at times, an abortion may seem an optimal choice because of the nature of conception or other personal life situations a potential mother may be in. I understand that argument. What I don’t understand is why you should feel pride in that.

Now let me go back and reiterate. I do not say you should be ashamed of your abortion. However, just because you are not ashamed does not automatically grant pride.

#ShoutYourAbortion is taking pride in a fact of killing another human (or potential human). It seems that somewhere over the last few decades society has confused simple ideals like pride and shame. Everywhere I turn, someone somewhere is proud of something that they really shouldn’t be. Is this a reaction from an overly sensitive public that cannot deal with criticism or bullying? Maybe. When someone attacks you for something you did, it doesn’t grant you the right to shout from the mountains how proud you are of what you did. Prisoners often make excuses for their actions, they claim innocence and conspiracies. Some take pride in their actions. Those people are remembered by name. Names such as Gacy, Manson, and Bundy. They take pride in their actions. Normal prisoners, even those convicted of murder do not display pride in their actions. They may show little or no remorse. That may not seem ashamed. Yet they also do not brag and boast and shout their murders for everyone to analyze. In public, they do not seek praise for their actions. They do not seek an emphatic pat on the back, saying “it’s alright.”

Why should abortion be different? Whichever side you take, a life has or will be ended. I so not see that as something to shout to the world and be proud of.

My 2 coppers for what it’s worth.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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