How do we stop gun violence in America?

These mass killings of innocent people has to end. Everyone has their own sets of blames and consequences; sets of statistics that match either side of the argument.

There is one statistic that everyone seems to forget or ignore. The age of the shooter.

It is almost always someone 25 years old or younger. Usually an introvert and easily influenced by outside opinions. Usually it is kids or barely adults. Could this be a by-product of the helicopter parenting society we have created? As a society we have all but made discipline and punishment illegal. It is already a societal sin to spank a child, to teach a young child that there are consequences for bad behavior. We have done away with competition among the young by forgoing keeping score in youth sports, not ranking teams by performance, and giving everyone their participation award for just showing up.

Can this be fixed? Greater parenting is a start, but we may be too far down that path. For a few generations at least. Is there another way to stop this mass violence by entitled youth who feel they are justified by shooting innocents because one person picked on them? They cannot deal with life, so they end the lives of others. The recent shooting pointed out the fact that once you shoot a bunch of people you become: a somebody. They feel like they are invisible and no one cares, but after firing off some bullets everyone knows their name.

Back to an attempt at fixing the problem. Instead of the President addressing the nation and speaking of tighter gun control, imagine for once his speech sounded something like this.

“It is with great sadness that I have to address the country today. Another senseless killing has struck innocent citizens of our great country. To the families of the victims, I wish to offer my sincerest sympathy and condolences. To the injured survivors, I wish for a speedy recovery. To surviving witnesses, I hope you seek the help you need to deal with this tragedy.

With that said, I wish to address the citizens of this country. I wish to offer support to the thousands of youth out there that feel abandoned. I am speaking to those that feel victimized to the point where they feel the only recourse is to maim and kill others as an outlet for your personal rage or sadness. I am beginning a new plan that will provide government assisted therapy to any and all who feel the world closing in on them, and violence is their only outlet. As a nation, we will support you and help you through your difficult times.

If however you do not take advantage of this program, and still intend on perpetrating violence on others I have a message directly for you.

You will be executed for your crimes. I will personally ensure that the process is sped through the courts so you meet the end that you gave to others. No amount of individual suffering is worth taking the lives of so many others. Senseless mass killings is not a viable coping method to deal with your personal struggles. If you choose to travel that path, then I am informing you that this administration will go to every length to see you punished.

In addition I will take every measure to have your name stricken from every public record. You will not be remembered by name for your actions. We in Washington love acronyms for everything we do. I will be instituting a new acronym for the aggressors of these vile acts. Henceforth these violent actors will be known as UWOs. That stands for Useless Waste of Oxygen. In my opinion, anyone who needlessly and senselessly robs American citizens of the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are nothing more than a useless waste of oxygen. Policies will also be enacted to levy stiff fines on any media outlet that identifies any UWOs by name. Court proceedings will attach a docket number to the UWO for identification purposes. Your acts will not be attributed to you. You will not be famous for your actions. I do this for the families that you may choose to harm, and I do this to discourage any future people from acting in such violent ways.

To the parents of these UWOs I will also speak briefly. Renowned psychologists and psychiatrists have informed me that often these youth are troubled at a young age. Often times, their actions could have been prevented, and most times everyone noticed odd behavior from them. To encourage parents to once again act like parents, I will begin to enact a policy that will hold parents of UWOs financially liable for the actions of the UWOs. Families of the victims will be able to hold the parents of UWOs financially responsible for the pain and suffering caused by the UWO. Hopefully, this will encourage parents out there to watch for warning signs, to take an active role in their child’s lives, and take advantage of our new policies to seek therapy for youth who may need assistance.

I understand these words and these policies may seem harsh to most. I also am well aware of the backlash I will receive because of my aggressive stance. I will be called cruel, inhumane, and a host of other words meant to attack me. I, however learned as a young child that confronting problems is the best way to deal with them. Holding emotions inside, letting them build until they explode is how we have gotten to where we are. I cannot force parents to be parents. I cannot enact laws that makes parents teach morals and ethics to their children. No policy can ensure that parents hold children accountable for their actions and to use corporal punishment as a means of teaching them about consequences. These things I cannot do. I can make policies and statements directed at criminals like UWOs. As President that is what I am doing. It will no longer be appealing to take out your frustration with a gun. Parents will now see that they too are being held accountable for their job as parents and how their children turn out.

I hope these harsh measures will curb the mass senseless shootings of innocents. These measures will also be taken to the streets of the inner cities around the country to hopefully quell the violence in our own cities.

I hope I will receive full support from the parents around this great nation. Thank you all.”

Will that fix it? I don’t know. But it is defiantly better than anything being done now. Gun restrictions and gun laws will not curb violence. I don’t understand how most people do not understand that criminals or anyone who wishes to break the law, do not care about laws. Gun free zones only stop law abiding citizens.

Holding people accountable for their actions is the only way we can change things. Even college professors will inform you that the youth of today have no resilience and cannot handle the simple, mundane facts of life. Accountability is the only key to fixing these problems.

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4 responses to “How do we stop gun violence in America?

  • Sheila M. Good

    I did not fail to notice, the number of comments you normally get is down, so far. But, let me tell you, I am with you all the way on this. Until we as a society start taking responsibility for our actions and being active parents teaching our children actions have consequences and stop coddling them, we are doomed. It’s time we also start demanding better from our leaders. Making victims of thugs and blaming society for the bad behavior of individuals. Gun control is not the issue. Accountability is the issue. Thanks for commenting on this controversial issue.


    • Chad R Smith

      Thanks Shelia. I appreciate your comments. I have found that among the literary world, my views are far from normal. I do not condemn anyone else for their views, and I never will. I simply state things from my point of view. I hope against all hope, that along the way, someone might think of things in a different way. MY hope for society is to learn two ideals and live by them. Tolerance and accountability. Once we master those we will advance as a whole.

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