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A Quick Observation

Social media travelers are funny. They are a fickle lot. For the longest time I thought all were uninformed idiots who lashed out through abusive words, safely hidden behind their wall of cyber-anonymity. I have changed that outlook.

Only a few are the ones who curse at everyone who doesn’t fit their narrow view of how things should be. Most in fact are silent. Yet, my experience has told me that most are silent only when they disagree. It is easy to type a few words of praise or encouragement. It is even easier to hit that stupid thumbs up button. It is much harder to disagree with a point of view you either don’t agree with or don’t understand. While this is still not healthy, it is better than I thought. It gives me a glimmer of hope for the future.

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

Honest. Satirical. Observations.


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