What society has taught me about me

After more than a few years living on this planet, I have learned many things. I have learned from many sources over the years. Lately, I have been taught by society at large and have learned a few new things about myself. Let’s take a gander of some of the things that society has taught me about me.

I have learned that I am a misogynist. I am, because I believe women are better at raising children than men are. I find it humorous that by giving more credit to females than males, I am labeled a woman hater. This idea has been cultivated from personal experience. The history of humanity has proven this true. Women are more capable at raising children, at keeping a home happy and healthy than men are. This is not always true, there are always exceptions. However, in most cases women are better. There are some great men out there that run a home or raise children by themselves, to each one I tip my hat to you. Yet, for each man successfully doing those things, there are numerous women out there who give up everything to raise children. They are better at it. I want humanity to strive. I want a better world.

Society has taught me that I am a racist. I am racist because I believe all people should be treated equally, regardless what skin color they have. We live in an enlightened society that grants everyone equality under the law. Everyone has the same opportunity if they choose to chase their dream. At death, rotting in the ground, we are all equal. We are also equal during our days walking above ground, yet we still choose to not acknowledge our equality. However, because I blatantly refuse to give anyone else a priority based on skin color, I am a racist. Society calls me that because I think that everyone should be judged on principles like merit, hard work, and good morals. I think the goodness in people shines in people of all races. I also firmly believe hate is blind. Hatred doesn’t care about your race. Hatred hates all. That is its purpose.

I guess I am also a denier of a certain trend. I don’t believe in privilege in any way. Everyone gets what they work for. They only thing that holds others down, are themselves. Very few people are granted a free ride in life. Nothing can guarantee an easy life. Rich, white men have died of drug over doses. Poor black women have become CEOs of corporations. There is no real privilege in the world based on how you were born.

I have learned that I am a fat-shamer. I am a fat-shamer because I call myself fat and unhealthy. I understand that I have put on a few extra pounds and gone above a healthy weight. I am not happy with letting myself get that way. I am never happy when others are obese because it is a health risk. I must refer to the above reason that I am a racist. I think everyone is equal and would like everyone to be equal. To do that people must be healthy and extend their lifespan, not gain weight and shorten their time above ground. I am a fat-shamer because I WANT people to be healthy. I don’t think everyone needs to look they could model in a fitness magazine. I do believe that being overweight is unhealthy. I do believe that people who claim to be happy because they are fat, do not realize that becoming healthy would make them happier. Getting in shape and not being fat would instill a greater sense of pride than taking pride in being overweight.

There are many more facets of what society has informed me about me. Apparently I am scum. I am a straight, white male. I am evil incarnate. I am the reason others are held back. It infuriates others that I make no excuses, that I love who I am. It aggravates others because I can see how others view me and I never curtail my true feelings, the beliefs I live by. Those facts, coupled with my skin tone and a dangly thing make me who I am. The rest are labels. Oh yeah, I hate labels too. All labels. But I love me.

That’s my two coppers for what it’s worth.


About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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