At a loss

For once, I have been at a loss for words to express my thinking, my feelings, and my opinions.

The polarization of the world is nearly complete and I fear that for once, the good guys might not win. It seems everywhere I turn these days, all I see, read, or hear is anger, controversy, and strife. Every facet of daily life is full of the worst of humanity. The wonderful wide web has brought the entire world within a breath of each other but we have used this technology to spread the worst of our tendencies.

The days of laughing at stupid cat videos has turned to laughing at pranks that cause harm or stress to others. The days of being informed of happenings around the world has turned into angry debates over topics that has an agenda from the start.

People seem to not realize that the majority of information being force fed to us daily is given to us in laced doses. Our news is not an anti-venom to the poison of the world around us. It doesn’t better inform anyone so that humanity may make conscious decisions for the betterment of all. Instead, we receive small doses of the venom itself which slowly poisons our soul. It slowly infects our minds with its toxic pollution. The venom we are force fed is slow and deliberate. It builds rage and hate over minor or often imaginary transgressions. It infects our minds until we can no longer see the truth hidden in the poisonous videos and words around us.

One side chooses to hate another over bigotry. If you analyze that statement it points to the utter hypocrisy of our world.

Side A disagrees with side B because of X opinion

Side B retaliates by claiming bigotry towards X opinion.

Side B now hates side A for said bigotry forming Y opinion.

Side A now hates side B for Y

X and Y are both bigotry, yet neither A nor B see it for what it is.

This is the unrelenting world of chaos we are forming for ourselves. We are the ones who take the venom and greedily slurp it down to enforce our own beliefs. In the end we are becoming what we are allowing ourselves to become. Gone are the days of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa. All three would be ashamed of how far we have fallen. As a society we gained ground through sacrifices of great people throughout history. Instead of continuing along their path of growth, we have scorched the earth where they once tread. We have tarnished their teachings and their memory. It is possibly too late to turn back from the new fiery path of hate we are currently charging down.

I have often been optimistic about the world and try to see the good in all people. Daily, I see the good in people replaced by a world of hate enveloping all they once were. The powerful leaders of the world are gone. We are left with an adult populace who feels entitled to everything that doesn’t fit their particular mold of perfection. This populace is passing along this horrid instruction manual of life to the next generation.

Without new leaders, without new voices of reason and common sense we may be our own undoing. We don’t need zombies, asteroids, global warming, or ice ages to kill us. We will be our own genocide.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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