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What is a leader?

What is a Leader?

  • A leader is a person who is instinctively unafraid of the power of the position, yet also acutely aware and equal parts terrified of the corruptible nature of the position.
  • A leader is a person who leads from the front and does not dictate from the rear.
  • A leader will be unafraid to make tough decisions in times of crisis.
  • A leader will recognize the difference between the safety of and the satisfaction of those being led, and will make decisions based on the needs of those in their care.
  • A leader will not shirk from the duties of leadership and will always be accountable for all decisions made.
  • A leader will treat those being led with dignity and respect and will treat everyone as equals.
  • A leader will be ready at all times to take responsibility for the actions of those in their care, as they are a direct result of their leadership.
  • A leader will never assume to know all the answers but will always appear to.
  • A leader will always seek to educate others to become good leaders themselves.

Flash Fiction: Nutmeg Spice is Life

A quick story I whipped up super fast. Was good to just throw some words out there real fast and see where it took me. I already know I have major tense errors in this, but after a long day I wasn’t really up to editing it. I am horrible at keeping tense correct.

This is for Write on Wendy’s weekly challenge. Her requirements this week were to write about something to do with spice. I think I did that. Anyways, enjoy. Continue reading


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