The Sad Week in Review

Ok people. Let’s sum up the last week or so. This information is taken from various news sources, interjected with some personal observations and comments.

  • A SFC (E7) in the US Army Special Forces (green beret for the not military minded) was reprimanded and is being dishonorably discharged for punching an Afghan police chief in the face then beating him severely. Why do he do it? The police chief kidnapped, chained to a bed, and raped a 15 year old boy repeatedly. He also beat the boy’s mother after she tried to stop him. When the SFC confronted him, the chief admitted the act, then laughed at the soldier for taking it so seriously. Then he got beat. Yeah, he is being kicked out for that.
  • While police in Afghanistan are raping children, police in the US are being assassinated. A Deputy in Harris County Texas was shot 15 times for simply being a cop. He was ambushed and slain by a coward with an agenda. A well-respected officer in Chicago was killed. Why? For being a cop. Another police officer in Abilene, Texas was killed at home, in a planned assassination.
    Why all these assassination style murders of police around the country? #blacklivesmatter is the reason. A divisive movement that preaches hate towards everyone who do not agree with them. Their focus is on police, and they have openly fueled rage against officers around our country.

  • Speaking of #blacklivesmatter They have upped their agenda and openly called for the killing or imprisonment of all white people, and all police officers regardless of race. While this has been an obvious focus of theirs, it garners little to no media coverage. What does make the news is when Democrat leaders meet with these race-baiters and hatemongers to discuss their bravery and dedication.

  • Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has had more emails released and the scandal continues to increase. Defenders are saying nothing is confidential because all the emails have been redacted after the fact. Let me explain something in common sense. Her server was private. The emails did not run through the normal government channels to would ADD the government classification tag to them. Instead they skipped that process and went right to her. Now that the feds have seen them, the emails have been redacted and classified BEFORE they were publicly released. Wait….why now? BECAUSE THEY CONTAINED CLASSIFIED INFO!!!! Transferring classified information outside normal channels is a federal offense, but she will not be charged, and could be our next President.

  • Non Muslim people have been given 48 hours to convert to Islam. If they do not they must flee the country or be executed by ISIS. Europe is currently facing a flood of immigrants.

  • Speaking of ISIS, they have coined their own gold currency. They are one step closer to seeing their claims of being a recognized country.

  • While we are talking about the Middle East, it is pretty safe to assume that the Iran Nuclear Deal will be passed by Congress, despite all their claims it will not pass. It seems they have lied to the public….again. But don’t worry, we will re-elect them. We passed this deal while Iran continues to chant “Death to America” and hold anti-American protests regularly. We are supposed to trust this country to not build nuclear weapons. They have proven through their past actions and CURRENT words they cannot be trusted. Oh, and just so the facts are known, the checks they must submit to are actually less stringent than the rules of those in the current UN Nuclear Committee. Plainspeak: In most countries the inspections are done, at will without restrictions. This means if they show up unannounced at 2 am, you must open the door. Iran gets 24/7 inspection checks. This is different. It actually means that 24/7 there are cameras in some (not all) locations. To show up the UN must arrange a scheduled inspection and Iran has up to 48 days to fit the UN into their schedule. Great deal for the Death to America country, not so great for us.

  • In Missouri, a 17 year old boy who claims to be transgender and identifies as a girl chose to use the girl’s bathroom instead of the gender-neutral bathroom that the school offered. Over 150 students walked out of the High School in protest over a boy in the girl’s bathroom.

** What two things did we hear about most?
1) During all these events, President Obama was in Alaska renaming Mt. McKinley and preaching that climate change is the greatest threat to the world.
2) Donald Trump is still the news story of the hour. We know more about what Trump had for lunch, than for Americans losing their job for attacking rapists or about the hundreds of children dying everyday as they flee ISIS. Trump is a great businessman. He has brought many issues that the common person feels passionately about. He has proven that the average American is tired of politicians and the government in general. Will that make him a good President? Does that mean he should be covered by the media every 10 minutes?

If you stuck around for all that, hopefully you learned a bit.


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