Waiting to be famous

Everyone at one time or another has dreamed of being famous. People have often wanted their name immortalized in history. In decades past, being famous meant you would have to do something. Invent some gadget or doo-dad that saves lives, increases industrial production, prove why apples fall from trees, walk on the moon, sing a hit song, write a classic book, or some other thing that people in some shape or form want. Sometimes you only needed a great idea, other times you needed real talent. The over reaching theme however, was that you provided something. 

Then there are those few people who want to be infamous. Most of those people actually never set out or dreamed of being infamous. I don’t think as a child they planned on climbing a water tower and shooting innocent people; they didn’t daydream of being reviled for some atrocious act. A few did. My assumption is that most did not.

Somewhere along the storied path of our past, the line between famous and infamous got blurred. Famous was not good enough, or simply too hard to achieve. Famous people, pushed the envelope a step further and created controversy that made them infamous in some circles, yet more popular in general. Controversy, and simply pissing people off became a springboard to being a star. Being a great, ground-breaking singer was enough to be famous, shaking your hips provocatively pushed someone from stardom to legendary.

Today, with the soul crushing availability of technology in all its myriad of forms it is seemingly much easier to become famous. The 15 seconds of fame has changed from being a one-hit wonder or writing that one beloved novel, into drinking a bottle of hot sauce then screaming and crying for 25 seconds. For an enormous amount of people, famous is now measured by video views, blog hits, and Twitter followers. However, is this being famous, being infamous, or something new entirely. Some people out there have become legitimate stars from Youtube channels, have become wide-read authors simply from Twitter, or landed high salaries because of technical expertise the internet enhanced. These people are few and far between. Like the famous people of days past, using the internet to launch a career usually requires some talent or an ability to provide something other people want.

Then there is the majority. The vast sea of people, from every walk of life that think 1,500 views makes them famous. Worse still, these people believe that others want to hear their opinions, want to watch their videos. The simple fact that others watched them staple bologna to their ass cheeks and made comments like “Lol!” or “dude you iz craxeee!” does not mean they actually care. The sad fact, lost on the internet famous is that in general……no one cares about you. I mean, as a person. You really don’t matter. Hate to be the bearer of bad news buttercup, but it is true. Sure they made clamor to see what deli meat you are going to staple next, but they do not care about who you are as a person.

I am not saying, that the “fer reelz” famous people out there are better. Not by any stretch because everyone is equal in their self-worth. You are not equal in your talent. Talent in some form is at least a passing requirement in being famous. Providing something others want is another. When you lack both, and people know who you are, you are now dipping into the infamous waters. And really, do many people actually care about Charlie Manson’s favorite book? Some people do, the most could care less. Am I say that being internet famous puts you on the same level as killers? No, but look at the world around you. As of today, most of America could name the shooter in Virginia, who shot the reporters. Most people could not name who received the Humanitarian of the Year award. Most people could name their favorite blogger or Youtube channeler, but not local State representative.

As a society, we have given an increasing amount of attention to the internet infamous. We have slowly begun to celebrate untalented idiocy. No one cares about a possible cure to cancer, but we cannot wait to see the latest cat video or compilation of nut-shot videos for the week.

Some guy shoots a reporter and a cameraman but has to make sure he posts a video about it. The next day some kid decides he wants to kill himself, instead of just blowing his brains out at home, he carries the gun to his university, causes an uproar, creates panic and fear from parents, students and faculty, and never does anything to himself. But at least people know his name.

I am sure, at least 3 people will get pissed reading this, call me heartless, and dismiss everything I said as insane rambling from an old guy. Those who do, only read and didn’t think about anything. If I upset you, suck it up. Sticks and stones people.

My 2 coppers for what it’s worth.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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