Ok, so this is going to be a bit random because a few quite interesting things have happened lately. All of these seemingly unrelated events have an unintended consequence of my personal happiness.

First, I won a writing challenge! It may seem a small feat to some, however for me it was quite a huge step. In fact it happened at a most opportune moment.

Writing is difficult. Like, bang my head against the keyboard because the jumble of words in my head don’t translate to my fingers. Sometimes I stare at my fingers and imagine snapping each one against the keys to force them to produce the words I want to express. When it doesn’t happen it frustrates me, enrages me, causes me to refill my coffee cup and smoke another cigarette so I don’t succumb to my urgings to randomly go on a twelve state killing spree. Ok maybe not that bad. However, it is difficult. I have said before that I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t. Doubt was beginning to peek out from the closet of my mind (somewhere near the right inner ear). It was teasing me that I wasn’t talented enough. That no one cared the words I write. I was beginning to listen to the gremlin. I was writing less, reading less. Finding excuses during my set writing times.

Then BAMMO! I won something

! WOW-Award

Elated is a good word to describe my emotion. Even better it banished the gremlin whispering in my inner ear to the nether regions from whence it came. It made me want to write more. It reignited the desire I felt when I set upon this forlorn path of writing words that others can find enjoyment from.

I must thank Write on Wendy for having the challenge and I look forward to participating in future challenges. Boy oh boy though. These 500 word challenges are difficult. I have this sickening desire to attempt a complete story in this small amount of words. 1000 word challenges are difficult, I end up editing a lot of what I want to say. 500 words really pushes my limits! I edit out more than I write. I stop myself short. Yet, I grow and learn. I feel satisfied once the final product is present.

Although I did say several things have caused me happiness. My beautiful wife and I are enjoying a small staycation together. Our kids are visiting family currently and the house is ours alone. We have used our time wisely and started multiple projects (indoor and out) together. Work, school, bills, cars, life constantly causes us to spend less time together. Her work schedule is hectic beyond imagining. Our time is limited. This past week has been great for our sanity and our togetherness. I feel like the young couple we were 15 years ago. We have been out to eat together (no kids meals), visited friends, went bike riding, cut trees, and generally just had a blast together. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. I miss my kids. But our adult time has been the best.

Ok, I won a contest, getting to spend time with my wife, and am generally happy. Oh and the inner ear gremlin is in hiding again. Have fun all!

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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