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Ok, so this is going to be a bit random because a few quite interesting things have happened lately. All of these seemingly unrelated events have an unintended consequence of my personal happiness.

First, I won a writing challenge! It may seem a small feat to some, however for me it was quite a huge step. In fact it happened at a most opportune moment.

Writing is difficult. Like, bang my head against the keyboard because the jumble of words in my head don’t translate to my fingers. Sometimes I stare at my¬†fingers and imagine snapping each one against the keys to force them to produce the words I want to express. When it doesn’t happen it frustrates me, enrages me, causes me to refill my coffee cup and smoke another cigarette so I don’t succumb to my urgings to randomly go on a twelve state killing spree. Ok maybe not that bad. However, it is difficult. I have said before that I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t. Doubt was beginning to peek out from the closet of my mind (somewhere near the right inner ear). It was teasing me that I wasn’t talented enough. That no one cared the words I write. I was beginning to listen to the gremlin. I was writing less, reading less. Finding excuses during my set writing times.

Then BAMMO! I won something

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