Flash Fiction for Inspiration Monday Challenge

In a continuing effort to increase my writing skills I have been fanatically hunting down these writing challenges. Once I find one I really like I peck out a few minutes a day to set about writing.

This submission is for Be Kind Rewrite. Stephanie Orges offers up weekly challenges every Monday to increase creativity. She calls this wonderful event, InMon (Inspiration Monday). It is a great thing to help others by offering tidbits of information and helpful advice, and she does both in spades.  She has a wonderful site and I suggest you go check it out. No really. Like now!

I will wait.

Anyway. She has a great site. And this week the challenge consisted of picking one of the random words/ phrases and writing whatever the gremlins plant in your head. My words were Prism Sentence. Here is what I created. Enjoy.

Prism Sentence

The morning rays of sunlight sparkle off the dew-dropped leaves. Two sparrows chirp at one another furiously on a lower branch. Their previous exchange had been mute compared to the angry conversation proceeding now. Neck feathers standing on end, signaling their debate is no longer amicable.

A crimson flash halts their argument as a Lord Cardinal lands on the same branch. Ebony eyes narrow furiously at the pair of smaller birds no longer arguing.

“That is enough from you two,” the Magistrate says to the sparrows. “You are banned from these proceedings as of now.” The Lord Cardinal’s voice was deep and hollow, as all of his kind’s were. Every word he spoke had a quick echo, as if the forest were enforcing his position. However, the echo was produced from inside him. A disturbing effect that caused criminals to often admit their crimes, if only to stop the maddening interrogations.

Not desiring a conflict with a Magistrate from the Court of Moonbranch, the sparrows fly away quickly. Neither of them dare to glance back.

A commotion from the Gallery of Seven cause the Lord Cardinal to return to his post. Perching on his roost, he sees the Korvian Guard return with their prisoner. The prisoner shuffles, head down, between the two midnight guards.

Moonbranch holds all official hearings at night, when Mother Luna shines unabated on the Gallery of Seven. The previous night all seven of the Justice Bringers prayed for Luna’s strength to decide the fate of the prisoner. Her case was heard. Her sorrow and shame were noted. All night the seven had deliberated in private chambers. They were careful not to rush to judgment because of the delicate nature of the prisoner’s status.

King Harmung, Ruler of the Allforest, had barely moved as he patiently waited for the verdict. His presence alone had almost caused the Seven to acquit the prisoner, yet he shocked them all when he said he was only here to witness justice.

Now, the verdict is reached. The Seven take up their perches, the King of Faeries finally moves. He glances toward the prisoner. A single tear falls from each eye as he sees the look of utter sorrow on the face of his youngest daughter.

The Korvians bring silence to the hearing, for the judgment is ready to be heard. Each Justice Bringer looks toward their King. A slight nod of his horned head tells them to continue.

“For the crime of unlawfully setting fire to the Meadow of Al’aeri and causing the deaths of three fawn and their mother, Princess Kimileen is hereby sentenced to no less than 12 lunar cycles in the Quartzell.”

The Princess bites her lip to the point blood seeps from the corners of her mouth. Even now, she knows her father wants her to act dignified. She stifles the sobs that are fighting to escape. She looks up at the Seven, then to her Father, then a nod of quiet acceptance.


I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

7 responses to “Flash Fiction for Inspiration Monday Challenge

  • jubilare

    Quite the atmosphere and world-building piece. I’m especially intrigued by the cardinal, though I want to know more about what this sentence means…

    How much in the way of constructive criticism do you like? The shifts between tenses threw me a bit when I was reading this.


    • C R Smith

      I really enjoy AND appreciate criticism. Writing is a new love of mine, well a newly developed love. I have been telling stories verbally for years but now I want to be better at writing. Tense is my biggest flaw, and is something I am always looking for input on.

      Liked by 1 person

  • jubilare

    Well, I love offering constructive crits, so yay! I blame my mother, she’s an English teacher.

    First paragraph: “The morning rays of sunlight sparkled”

    Second paragraph: “A crimson flash halts”

    Third paragraph: “the Magistrate said”

    This shift between past-tense and present-tense is confusing. It makes it hard, sometimes, to tell when we are in the story, so it’s best to pick one and run with it. I usually stick to past tense, as it’s what I prefer to read, but present tense is very popular right now because of its immediacy.

    Have you ever thumbed through “The Elements of Style,” by Strunk and White? http://www.amazon.com/dp/020530902X/ref=cm_sw_su_dp
    If not, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


  • Stephanie

    The opening with arguing sparrows made me smile; isn’t that what real sparrows seem to be doing? It set the platform for well-built world with such beautiful names!

    Welcome to InMon! I hope you join us again. : )

    Liked by 1 person

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