Emotional Stuff Part Deux

To continue on from the emotional theme of yesterday’s pathetic entry I am going to ramble on about emotions in a different setting. As I have stated before, this drivel you may have found yourself sucked into browsing is my foray into the world of blogs and eventually into published literature.

Ok, let us be honest. I am writing to myself in the hopes that one single unfortunate soul out there might pick a tiny speck of wisdom or inspiration from my chaotic ramblings. Now that I think of it, this whole blog writing experience is kind of like a literary psychosis. In the likelihood that no one ever reads a single venom-laced word I have poured forth then I am in essence speaking only to myself. That means I am only twelve cats and a few bodies posed around a table in my basement from being completely insane.

In a literary sense only.

Of course

But I digress.

Where was I going with all this?

Oh yeah! EMOTIONS!!!! Basic emotions are easy to convey. Both in observing someone or reading about someone the basest emotions are immediately recognizable.

Gritting his teeth, Frank stormed from the room. Incoherent words tumbled through pursed lips as he threw the doors wide and stomped into the street.

Two sentences and anger is the evident emotion poor Frank is suffering through.

Sarah arched both eyebrows and gasped as Frank had left abruptly.

One sentence and Sarah is evoking shock, dismay, and possibly confusion. A few more sentences could easily nail down just how she is feeling.

Now the question I have been struggling with is how to convey hidden emotions, especially from a first person narrative. I am beginning to find out they are tougher to get across.

An example is a situation where the protagonist is being lied to. Others around him know he is being lied to but are not showing any signs. The antagonist (he doing the said lying) is purposely covering his emotions. Now the tricky part I am trying to get across is how to describe small tell-tale signs that an astute reader might be able to pick up. A sign that perhaps later the protagonist will understand and feel silly for not catching on earlier.

Side note: My mind is a swirling mass of chaos tonight.

Side note two: I meant to say in side note 1 that I have been experimenting with colors to convey subtle emotions instead of the obvious catch phrases that everyone is bored to tears with.

Anyway, back to where I was. Subtle emotions are harder to write. They are hard enough for most people to see in person but I am finding that getting the right feeling across is much harder in written form. Remember, this is from a first person point of view. A third person view is much easier to describe these because it can simply be laid out to the reader. However, this first person is much more trying. I don’t want the protagonist to know but I want the reader to be able to catch on if they are paying attention.

I am not really asking for help for as I stated above, I should probably be in a padded room for talking writing to myself. However, I would appreciate any words of wisdom from the masses. Or perhaps if anyone knows a book where such a dilemma has already been conquered to give me a model I would appreciate it.

Anyhoo, adieu all.


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I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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