Flash Fiction: 6 Random Titles: The Son of the Twilight

Another week, another Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge. I am really starting to enjoy these. They are really helping my creative writing. This week Chuck provided his zombies with a random title generator that gave 6… random titles….did I really need to explain that?

My titles: Falling End, The Seventh Healer, Gift of Snow, The Thorn’s Girl, The Son of the Twilight, and Touch in the Beginning.

First 2 I liked. Gift of Snow?! Hell no! I hate snow! Next 2 good. Last one sound’s like a pedophile’s memoire so an emphatic HELL NO!

I went with The Son of the Twilight and really had no clue where it was going but I was happy with the end result. Standard rules of 1000 words max and I cam in at a dashing 997 after 2 edits. Anyway. Enjoy

The Son of the Twilight

“What’s with the shit-eating grin Devin?” The words flowed from Luke’s mouth slightly more acrid than intended. Jealousy in his eyes betrayed the rehearsed smile upon his lips. “Let me guess. You closed another huge client and will be named the youngest VP in the history of Gladstone Financial?” Brown eyes narrowed as he looked at Devin. He did not want to be right about his guesswork.

Chuckling, Devin simply says, “Nope.” The smile was genuine. No hint of animosity on his face nor in his voice.

“New fashion model girlfriend?”

“Nu uh,” his smile widened as Luke’s frustration grew. A new girlfriend would not be odd because Devin Tanas changed girls faster than a tornado searches for trailer parks. Women flocked to him everywhere he went. Luke followed to hungrily devour the scraps, the disheveled remnants of beautiful women now second-guessing their attire, their make-up, their figure just because Devin chose someone else to wear around his arm for a night. Luke didn’t care. He didn’t look like an Adonis statue walking around, bragging about its newfound fleshiness. Devin did, but he didn’t brag.

“OK then,” exasperated at the game he started, Luke quit two rounds in. Devin won games he didn’t even know he was playing. “Why are you so happy today?”

“My father called me. Said he has a big surprise.”

“Oh, the enigmatic Daddy-kins has more expensive gifts?” Hiding Luke’s disgust-tainted jealousy was becoming harder to hide now that Mr. Tanas had been mentioned. Not only did Devin have the looks and charm that turned women into love-struck teenagers, Daddy T had more money than Ft. Knox. “So is this the chance when I finally get to meet Mr. MoneyDad?”

“Sorry bud. I’m taking her.”

Luke followed the invisible line of Devin’s cobalt blue eyes to see what prize he snagged this time. Five tables away, a brunette was giggling as she licked the droplets of red wine from her upper lip. Her pink tongue slowly caressing her pouty top lip. Her eyes were gorging themselves on Devin. All oblivious to the older gentlemen seated across from her, still engaged in whatever blue-pill enticed fantasy he was hoping for. The table swayed slightly as Devin pushed his chair back and stood. Luke dropped his head in resignation, leaned back in his own chair to admire the maestro at work.

Devin weaved through the crowd like a cobra. His hypnotic stare transfixing his victim. She squeezed her legs together from anticipation as he grew closer.

Noticing the lack of attention, her companion looked over his shoulder to find what had her so mesmerized. Devin was an arm’s reach from her table as the gentlemen stood up with outstretched hand, mistakenly thinking the visitor was calling upon him.

Bypassing the handshake completely, Devin leaned forward and braced two open palms on the table, grinned at her causing her to press her thighs even tighter to contain her excitement.

“Excuse me sir. What business do you have with my fiancé?”

“She is leaving with me tonight. And you shall not see her again.” The statement was blunt, emotionless. It was a fact, stated as surely as the time of day to a stranger.

“I beg your…” the remainder of the sentence hung on his throat for Devin stood erect in an instant, face to face with the aggressor. With a stare, the battle was won. No words, just eyes that peered beyond the gentleman’s exterior. The elder man’s soul was laid bare by the bewildering eyes of Devin Tanas. The eyes that had entranced the brunette from across a crowded restaurant, sent chills up the spine of the man, causing the hairs on his neck to stand on end, the blood to drain from his face.

“Whore!” was all he muttered as he stormed off, nearly toppling a waitress as he left.

Resuming his previous stance he leaned closer to the brunette. “So.” He let the words hang in the air, her eyes darted around nervously as if trying to pick out the next sentence. “Would you care to accompany me to a party?”

His words siphoned the air from her lungs, little black dots flitted around the edge of her vision. Giddily she merely nodded quickly up and down in acceptance. With a mischievous grin he leaned even closer and gently placed his lips upon hers.

Across the room Luke lowered his head in amazement. “Every damn time.” Swallowing the remainder of his drink he called for the check, knowing Devin would not return.

Lips still pressed firmly against hers, he withdrew. Taking two steps back he admired her beauty, lingering on her luscious lips.

“See Father, it was those beautiful, perfectly full lips that drew me to her.”

“I do Son. They form a perfect bow when she puckers for a kiss. You chose well.”

Devin turned and embraced his Father, a hug that only Fathers and Sons understand. He looked into his Father’s eyes to see the beaming pride. His Father had eyes a deep blue like Devin’s, yet the red highlights sprinkled throughout gave it a resemblance to a twilight evening sky.

“She will make a fine final trophy from your time on Earth.” He glanced towards the large oak table. The flaming sconces on the wall caused shadows to dance about the room. Center of the table was a charred skull. The brunette’s face had been peeled from her own skull, which lay discarded in the corner, and impaled upon spikes protruding from the ebony cranium. Instead of eyes the black skull glowed with a crimson tint, much like the flecks in Devin’s father’s eyes. The face was torn and ripped, the removal had been abrupt, yet the perfect lips were unscarred, forming a perfect bow ready to be kissed.

“Now that my remaining son is coming home. It is time to start the end.”

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