Smoking Kills

Something struck me today. It was a rock. It didn’t hurt. Then I thought of something that had nothing to do with the rock.

This is 2015 and we are still wasting money telling people not to smoke cigarettes!

Shocking I know. Now mind you, I am a smoker. I smoke the good ones, the one’s that most people call Cowboy Killers. Red and white packaging like the lung and spittle I cough up before bed. No, I was wrong, that junk looks more like an el grandé super caramel latté with a barista swirl. Except thick and chunky. And it stays warm longer.

Hungry yet?

Now, the point of the excessive grossness is to point out that as a smoker I am more than aware of what smoking does to me. I know it is among the leading causes of heart disease. I know my teeth get jaundice and my fingers become rough and calloused. Wait, sorry my fingers are rough and calloused from years of working construction. Anyway, I also know about the whole lung cancer thing, the emphysema thing, the COPD thing, and all the other things that smoking can do to me. The point is, I know. I also know that every time I light a cigarette I lose years from my life. Yet, let me say this again.



Not only do I know, my 9 year old daughter knows. Nearly every teenager in the world knows. If you are old enough to afford or smart enough to steal cigarettes you probably know all the ill effects of smoking.

Let us take a minute and uncover a truth about the lowly writer of this-here blog you have found the unfortunate pleasure of reading. I am opinionated. I really could care less if you disagree. I am not your typical anything. This is my blog and my views. I will gladly read and/or debate anyone, anytime, about anything. I will also never censor anyone.

That said.


Like I said, I know that it is bad for me. I know the horrible things that may possibly await me. I also know that people die in car accidents everyday. I still drive. Why do people donate money and time to tell me things I already know? Do you really think any smoker in the last 15 years was shocked when they heard smoking can cause death in all its fun forms?

I wish to add this. It is great that some people care enough about others to want them to stop deadly habits. It really is. However, from a smoker; it is annoying! I wish people would take as strong of a stance against things like: sugar usage, pet allergies, parenting techniques. Imagine trying to convince every person you pass to get rid of their pet immediately. Throw Fido in the trash can and light it on fire because around the world people die from dog attacks, dog allergies, dog breath, dog’s running in front of their car and swerving to avoid Spot only to slam into a telephone pole smashing your melon against the glass and bleeding out in your Ford Focus! It happened once. Try random people that you don’t know about the dangers of pet ownership in such drastic terms and see what happens. You might get hit, at the least verbally abused.

Now more people die from smoking than from pet deaths, but really; a life is a life. Save them all!

I have gone so far from where my mind originally was headed that I am going to stop now.

Really folks, it is annoying!

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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