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One of those days

The expression “one of those days” is very strange to me. Strange because it leaves a shotgun blast wound in the notion of what in the hell you are talking about! One of what days? Sure everyone automatically assumes it is one of those days, you know the ones. Days where you hit the OFF button instead of SNOOZE, running late now so you skip that morning shower to wake you and keep you from smelling like a brewery, then manage to dump you first and only coffee of the day in your lap suffering minor burns on your nether regions forcing you to head to the urgent care center, feeling the blisters start to bubble under your unmentionables, only to get seen by the cutest nurse who now has to examine your delicate areas, only to find little creepy crawlies down there (which weren’t there yesterday); then in your shock, a moment of clarity strikes you as last night’s bar debauchery comes back to you as your brain hits the refresh button to remember that not-so-hot chick that really liked you, even though she smelled….and charged you $50……and is still in your apartment……oh boy.

Is it one of THOSE days? Or perhaps they just didn’t add enough sugar to your coffee at Starbucks kinda horrible day?

Either way. Have a good day folks!

Flash Fiction Challenge

So as I recently stated, this entire blogosphere is a new world to me. Reading, as well as writing my own, has left me confused and lost more times than a 40k night land nav course in a blizzard. However, one of my favorite blogs is by author Chuck Wendig. He seems fond of these Flash Fiction Challenges so I figured I would try my own hand at one.

This one had only one requirement: there must be a dead body.

Here goes. Hope you enjoy.

  I barely recognize my brother as he takes his final breath. The sobs of my father are muffled from his face being buried in the overalls of his eldest son. The wind is blowing so fiercely I can barely stand, the entire landscape is swirling around me. Acres of golden alfalfa fields race skyward, to then nosedive towards their intended place below. A dark haze seems to be creeping in the edge of the golden chaos spinning in front of me. Continue reading


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