Stop It Brain!!!

This painful journey I have decided to embark upon has been trying. Figuring out a story to write about is not the problem. The real problem is my brain, my imagination. I have one story that I really want to finish. It is a story that means a lot to me, it has a bounty of elements that I feel passionate about. I have fleshed the story from beginning to end, I have ripped pieces I love to shreds for the sake of continuity and my weakness of being too verbose. I have added hooks and mini-plots along the way that add much to the overall feel. I have scrapped ideas that I thought would work well, but never quite fit right.

The real problem is as I think of new plot twists, a new story sparks in my head. A story that is galaxies away from the meager planet of my story. So I jot down a few ideas to hopefully not lose the tale spinning in my head. Then, it consumes me whole. This new story keeps popping in like that ex-girlfriend stalker that seems to ignore all legal orders to stay far away from you, and for the sake of Pete I wish she would stop pissing in my flower beds and poisoning my cats!!!

Anyway, one story evolves into another, which sadly sparks a few more ideas. Of course I inevitably wrote those down too. Now I have one entire book outlined completely, another half outlined, another with a plot and characters fleshed out, and sadly two or three others gnawing at my brain to work on them too!

Stop it brain!

I want to get back to my original, yet now I seem stuck. Elements of the others keep ninjaing their way in. The other stories have a platinum lockpick set that easily open the heavy cell doors I lock them away in. They creep up the dark stairwell, slow footsteps barely making a sound as they fall on my consciousness, and suddenly they pounce into my brain, control my thoughts and now my stories are a hodgepodge of Washington DC lawyer cannibals from Mars intent of replacing the world’s water supply with carbonated soda because ancient Egyptian alien settlers told them it would produce a better wheat harvest.

Yep, I hate my brain.

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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