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These past 12 months I have waded into the deep end of the pool. No, not quite. I jumped from a C-130 flying map-of-the-earth over tree tops, plummeting through the sky towards the restricted area of the lake. Sure there is a vast area of free swimming in waist high water that is populated by numerous swimmers, but where is the fun in that? No. That is not for me, I zero in on my target as the wind screams past me,a tiny ring of floating flags, amidst the giant lake of easy swimming. The target get closer and I reach back to pull my chute only to realize I left it at the cabin.

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Stop It Brain!!!

This painful journey I have decided to embark upon has been trying. Figuring out a story to write about is not the problem. The real problem is my brain, my imagination. I have one story that I really want to finish. It is a story that means a lot to me, it has a bounty of elements that I feel passionate about. I have fleshed the story from beginning to end, I have ripped pieces I love to shreds for the sake of continuity and my weakness of being too verbose. I have added hooks and mini-plots along the way that add much to the overall feel. I have scrapped ideas that I thought would work well, but never quite fit right. Continue reading


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