A quick rant

It is the day after Memorial Day and I feel the need to get this off my chest. If you chose Memorial Day as the day to make a statement against the military then you need to take a hard look at your morals and your life. Reality check: The soldiers do not make policy, the people YOU elect and re-elect do, and even if “I didn’t vote for him/her” or “I didn’t vote” YOU still were an active participant in choosing who makes our nation’s decisions. Memorial Day is a day to remember FALLEN soldiers, NOT a day for you to flex your internet muscles with (not-so) witty banter about “unjust” this and “disagree with” that. Oh and another thing, any soldier who refers to himself/ herself as a “hero” is 99% of the time a faker! Soldiers are probably some of the most humble people you will ever meet about what THEY did. Try talking to a veteran, you will rarely hear any personal tales of heroics, you will hear about camaraderie and missed friends. You will hear things about fear, regret, pain, loss, pride, loyalty, sacrifice, and other things that are very un-heroic. Others have labeled soldiers “heroes” for various reasons, some are to honor them others are purely for marketing.
But Memorial Day is the day that, as a nation, we have chosen to remember the soldiers who have died. Whether you agree with or disagree with any current or past conflict the truth is, you might not have the freedoms to express your feelings without soldiers. Soldiers have followed orders, fought and died to provide you with every freedom you are lucky to have. To not set aside any personal opinions on that day shows an extreme lack of character. It says to others that you are so self-centered that you do not care that other HUMANS have died. It shows others that your self-absorbed ideals carry more weight than the life of someone’s daughter, someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s spouse, someone’s child. It screams that you are an insensitive idiot who would rather anonymously scream your position through a keyboard than think about humanity.
Wars have always been here. Wars will always be here. Soldiers will always die. People will always protest war but be glad for the results it offers. Would you make disparaging remarks about someone’s Father on Father’s Day? Would you talk trash or post mean-spirited comments about Mothers on Mother’s Day? I would hope not, and if so then I am sure your mother would be disappointed that you have unjustly classified a variety of people into one group and trashed them all. Soldiers are human. Many of us have lost special people and experienced pains most people thankfully will never understand. Next time you feel the need to trash a soldier, look in the mirror first.

I’m done now

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