New Socks are the Beginning

So here I am beginning this endeavor that I thought was going to be easy.  See, I am cursed.  Doomed to eternal torment that no matter how hard I try or how much electroshock therapy I undergo, I feel compelled to change things.  Things that I feel are morally wrong, they tear at my sanity and a shadowy force pushes me towards a destination that will allow me to change them or break in the process.

But how to initiate the change?

The other problem that plagues me during every waking hour is an over-abundance of thoughts, ideas, stories, tales, comments, rants, or conversations that haunt me. I feel compelled to relate my ideas to the public.  Of course, I learned the hard way that some of those deep thoughts should not be shared.  Yet, the compulsion to share is too strong.  My sanity is at stake, do I share my dreams and horrors or I hold them close, locked away in a small metal box in a recess of my mind?

A need to change and a compulsion to share my thoughts.  An odd mixture that began to tug at my sanity in hopes of finding an outlet.  Then a small spark ignited somewhere deep within me.  Kidney area I’m pretty sure.  The spark erupted a wildfire of ideas that overwhelmed me making me light-headed and giddy with the thought of actually doing this.  It could have been appendicitis also, but I decided to go on anyway and make a change in the world.


It sounded so easy in the beginning.  I thought it was as simple as changing what brand of socks I wear.  I mean really, no one sees your socks, so who cares what the brand is as long as they are comfortable!  Yet, I found out it was more like changing from my comfy socks with holes in the toe to purple and teal socks, made by intelligent, yet rabid,  flying Nazi squirrels that have sock-making hovels deep in the uncharted recesses of the Amazon!  Not at all an easy decision to follow through on.

Donning the new socks I pushed forward, intent on releasing “the inner machinizations of my mind” onto an unsuspecting public! Through my words people could find solace or inspiration. I could offer sage advice that everyone would take to heart and come away a changed person, also wishing to go forth and change the world for good.  My stories could provide comfort for the sick and elderly, guidance for the new adults seeking to forge their own path, and lessons for the youth of today.  My words could make the blind see and cure cancer!  They could…………..prove incredibly difficult to actually sort into a legible story for others.

Yep.  These socks are going to cause me a lot of pain, but I shall wear them religiously as I try to figure this entire mess out.  Hopefully a few others will enjoy my journey, my insight, or my ramblings also.

And yes, these are some ugly and uncomfortable socks!

About Chad R Smith

I am an aspiring writer and a hapless motivator, hoping to spread a different perspective of the world and the chaotic ramblings of my mind with others View all posts by Chad R Smith

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